Monday, June 30, 2008

The first tetanus vaccine in my life

Something terrible happened on me this morning


This silly steel ruler, caused it. The story is like this, I put this steel ruler in a pencil holder, I accidentally scratched myself when I took something from Kevin. He was sitting, and I was standing, maybe the angle wasn't right, I didn't notice the ruler was there until that GREAT ruler said HI to me.

Both of us were frightened, I thought it would be a very deep cut, after all the edges of the ruler is so sharp, as sharp as a knife. Immediately, Kevin brought me to see a doctor nearby my office.

AND, the doctor gave me a tetanus shot and a small tube of cream. I think I've never had a tetanus vaccine before. Do you need a tetanus shot?
I was so scared, I asked the doctor:

"Dr. Lai, will it leave a scar?

"'s not a deep cut, don't worry"

This is not the answer that I expected...can't he say NO? My face looks terrible now, I hope it won't leave a scar on my face. I cried...nope, I didn't. HAhaha, although I was depressed. Sometimes I'm really proud of myself, at least I could still cam-whoring with a scar on my face.
LOL! The scar won't go even if I kill myself with a plastic knife, right?


GOD, I'm not pretty, so please don't make me uglier!!! Maybe YOU just wanna punish me, because I said "Why my blog is always about foods?" So now YOU are giving me something "special" to blog about. No thanks, I don't want surprises, I prefer foods blog. LOL!

Kevin said I still look pretty with that scar...Gua gua gua...he is always too nice to me :( FACE is TOO IMPORTANT to LADIES. Alright, I got over it, I'm fine now. I'm GLAD the ruler didn't poke into myself. Phew! God bless me! ^^

Tea time!
In Ah Ma Kopitiam, Klang

Cucumber juice, good for skin

Toast hope the scar will leave me as soon as possible, BYE BYE forever, Scar. I hope I will never see you again