Monday, August 11, 2008

Close to you :)

Kevin didn't like my new hairdo, he was so disappointed I didn't perm it straight..

Bad Kevin!
Smelly Kevin!
Don't want to friend him anymore

Actually he was surprised I permed my hair last weekend, I only told him I have a little surprise to him.

He picked me up at 9:30pm on Saturday's night, didn't notice about the changes (Maybe it's too dark at night?) Hmmm!

So I asked:

"Did you see 'anything'?"


"My hairdo laaaaaa!!!"

"Ooh!!! No wonder you smelt so...different"

"Yeah, it's because of hair treatments. So do you like my hairdo?"(I expected he would love it)

"Hmmm..." (take a quick look, he was driving)
"Ooh, it's OK"

(-_-")... ......
Guak guak guakkkkkkk

"You don't like? But I like it so much"

"Yeah...but...I thought you wanna perm it straight?"(Ooh yeah, I told him few weeks ago)

"My hair is unhealthy...lots of split ends, I need to cut 5-6 inches, I thought I will look better in curly hair?" (actually more than 6 inches, okay?? My hair is really short as compared to before)


See, he used to tell me different thing before I had my hairdo

"Anything you like, I don't mind if you cut it short like a boy"

All liessss

I really like my hairdo, even my sisters Joan and Eling think I good better with current hairstyle.

Once we reached the cinema, I forced him to look at me, properly.
Come on, he was driving just now, didn't see it clearly...all I wanted to hear was
"You are very gorgeous, good choice!"

"LOOK AT ME, so are you sure this hairstyle is not suitable to me? You just said I'm ugly"

"No no no, I didn't say you are ugly.
You are very beautiful, and this hairdo is ok"

What the heck??

I want the word, 'beautiful'

I started to feel...well, not sad, just kinda funny
I LOVE to tease people :P

Don't know why, I'm not really sad when people say I'm ugly or fat.
I will just accept it when people say

"Hey Violet, your sisters/friends/or whosoever are more beautiful than you"

"OMG you gained weight!"

"Ooh, yeah.
Totally agree with you!"
Seriously, not sad at all, I hate to compare with people, guess this is why I don't really mind people's comments. If I don't like comparison, why mind about their words? If they like to compare, just compare, I won't give a damn. If you wanna make me sad, try other thing like tear my favourite dresses, apply lipstick on my white blouse, etc etc...anyway, I wonder if I will really mad at you if you did that.

There is one funny thing about me, when people say I'm fat or I gained weight over months, I don't feel sad. I would only feel sad the moment I try on my favourite dresses or outfits and found out I don't look as good as previously. Hilarious!

Hmmm, back to the story between Kevin, Me and my hairdo.
Actually he was not that disappointed...I purposely added some spices to make it hot :P

I forced and forced him, no matter what we chatted, I would lead it to 'I'm ugly with my hairdo'.

When we eat
"It's so delicious!
But I'm so ugly right now"

"No no no, you are beautiful, not ugly"

When we walked
"I'm so sad...I'm so ugly with my new hairdo"

"No no no, I said it's ok"

"But you didn't say I look beautiful in it"

"OOh, okay!
You look so beautiful with your new hairdo"

Finally, I won :P

Alright, this song is dedicated to you, it's one of my favourite songs :)

Close to you, Carpenters

Why do birds, suddenly appear?
Every time you are near
Just like me
They long to be, close to you

Why do stars, fall down from the sky?
Every time you walk by
Just like me
They long to be, close to you

On the day that you were born
The angels got together and decided
To create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair
Of gold and starlight in your eyes of blue

That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around

Woo... close to you...



laverew said...


You were so mean to need to save being mean when it counts.........anyway I cannot believe anyone would ever say that your fat or ugly, even if they hated you............Peace


violetmay said...

Thank you Larry, now I know there's another person other than my parents and Kevin think I'm always beautiful (I assumed)
:P, hehee!