Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My cameras

Why I want to write about this?
Because people often ask me, what kind of camera that I'm actually using.

I don't have money to go for Canon EOS, but even if I have the money, I won't consider to buy one, because it's too big, heavy, bulky, and need lots of money to buy good lenses. Spend 10K on cameras? Why don't I just buy flight ticket and fly to Madagascar, dancing with the wild animals? ;)

For people who loves to take photos like me (not for earning but for personal liking), I think luxurious/professional kind of cameras are not for me. Spend lots of money just because of self-portraits and photos of foods, etc is a waste of money. Unless you are very rich and don't mind paying $$$$$, that would be a different story, hahaha. Anyway, I prefer just snap and go.

In fact I have 2 cameras, Canon Ixus 40 and Canon PowerShot S5i. Personally, I prefer photos taken by Kevin's camera which is PowerShot A550.

Canon Ixus 40 is my first camera and I'm still using it, it's only 4.0 megapixel. However, I still love to use it although indoor images taken are sometimes blurry and not satisfactory, because:
1. Blurr images are DREAMY, you can't see my pimples, you can't see my black head you can't see my scar :P
Hahaha, actually it's already faded ;)
2. It's small, I can put in my bags, it's with me everyday
3. It's easier to use
4. I don't know, I just love it

Okay, followed by Kevin's Canon A550.
It's bigger than conventional canon Ixus (Of course! Because it's PowerShot), and the outlook is.........OUCHH!! :P
Hahaha! anyway, it's only around RM599, really affordable and the photos taken from this camera is YUMMY!
What's more? It's 7.1 megapixel, most of my photos are taken by A550, simply because Kevin is my cameraman ;)

Hmmm...okay now is my S5i's turn
This camera is big, it's black color and it's a bit looked like those fantastic camera, actually it's a PowerShot. Photos taken by this camera are of course nicer than my poor ixus 40 and A550, but I seldom use it. Why?
1. As I mentioned, it's big, I cannot put it in my bag and bring it everyday everywhere
2. It's too heavy to shop with a heavy camera
3. I don't like people look at me when I take photos of my foods or myself

I only bring it when I go to travel, or for special occassions such as my friends' weddings.

Arghhh...but my "daily camera" Ixus 40 is very old, I need a new camera :(

1. Canon Ixus 85 IS
2. Canon Ixus 970 IS

Or maybe Lumix?
Or maybe Olympus waterproof camera? :)