Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thai-Mynamar Border

After we had our lunch, we proceeded to the northern part of Thailand. Molly said

"You can do shopping here and use your money, after you finish using your money we will go to hill tribe village"

I don't have much money to spend, I worried she wouldn't take us to Karen Village, so I hide some money inside my...AHEM. She didn't know it
:P You know I'm kidding

Be aware, 
40 photos ahead ;)
On the way to Thai-Myanmar Border

Resting my legs on his laps
Resting my legs on your laps

My legs were tired, because I was wearing heels all the way from Hot Spring to Wat Jadeeloung, from Wat Jadeeloung to Golden Triangle, from Golden Triangle to Laos, from Laos to Golden Triangle, from Golden Triangle to Myanmar Border...see, it was tiring. Don't ask why I wore heels, I didn't even bother to get a pair of sandals, thinking

"Should be fine, we are not going to climb from hill A to hill B right?"

Yeah, we didn't have to...but it was still tiring

About to reach Thai-Myanmar Border

This temple has got Chinese characters written on it

Long live the king



Me trying to steal the show :P

I call these,
Ding ding blink blink

Actually nothing much to see here, just some shoppings for foods, fruits, "ding ding blink blink" and some local goods

"The Northern Most of Thailand"

Do you remember I mentioned about a lovely couple from Germany?
Hehe! ^^
Alex and Karoline

And the girls from Taiwan! ^^

Myanmar :)

Molly and the guy from Israel :)

Violet and the Thai armies
I was a little worried, not sure if it's okay to take photos with them. However, Alex made the first move :D

To my surprise, Karoline, Alex and Xu Ying were from law faculty too, together with Kevin, 4 lawyers made a good companion. Alex even suggested to have a small international law conference or something like that (of course he was kidding). Hahaha :P
But, Sigh...where is my broom? I need to sweep the floor, I'm not in this group of people :(

Okay, back to the photos


Soooo funny... :P



Tired and thirsty,
we found ourselves a local cafe

actually we neither tired nor thirsty, in fact I wanted to pee so badly, it's impolite to go to people's place just to use their washroom without buying things from them.

"Where is your coffee where is your coffee?"
waiting impatiently, we only ordered a glass of coffee. Well, better than just pee and go. LOL :P

Some photos before we left Thai-Myanmar border

Hmmm...the international law conference, hehehe! I really like them, they are soooo nice ^^

Xu Ying and I
So sweet and friendly. Hope to see her again in the future :)

卢景富,徐莹 and me

This is my snacks :P
I bought it in 7-11.
There are a lot of 7-11 in Chiang Mai, every 10 to 15 shops you will see one 7-11 (my guest house area). 7-11 is making good business in Chiang Mai :)

Next station, Hill Tribe Village
Hehee, resting my legs on his laps, again :P

opps, over adjusting the contrast ;)

Bye for now, muacks :)