Saturday, January 31, 2009

My luck of Ox year

I lost RM10


Live rates at 2009.01.31 09:46:57 UTC

10.00 MYR


2.77212 USD

Malaysia Ringgits United States Dollars
1 MYR = 0.277212 USD 1 USD = 3.60735 MYR

Hahahahahahahaha, okay now all of you know I'm stingy :P

But seriously I thought my luck is good, I thought I will win hmmm maybe at least RM5? or RM8?

Huhuhu... :'(((
I will not want to gamble again for this Chinese New Year, if I dare to put my money on the gambling table (lol! actually it's not like gambling tables in casinos, it's just a normal dining table), I will...have constipation for let's say...2 days? Okay! 2 days! I regret, okay 1 day, Deal! :P

Anyway, some photos on the day I lost my RM10, although these pictures have nothing to do with my RM10
I don't want to touch cards again!!
Had dinner in my aunt's place,

well lots of good foods and I was busy munching, only managed to snap a photo of this odd fish
Ooh looked very fierce there..

With my cousin sisters
Hmmm, not very clear

2 sweet fine ladies
They are 16 this year..what the phuck why I'm so old?

With Teng

Kenke with Bao Bao (name of the puppy)

So cute right?
Huhuhu...where is mine?

Miao and Baoz

That's where I lost my money to my uncle in purple

That's my money and my little gold color bag (birthday present Cyn prepared for me, there's a necklace inside ^^)
Now the money is gone but fortunately my present is still with me, hohoho

If you think I'm bad luck, I tell you what...I'm good luck!
So why did I lose that god damned RM10? It was uncle's luck was better than me that night, yeah!! Only that night. Watch out uncle...we'll see who wins more next year!
Muahahahhahahahahaha :P

P/S: I don't looked bad luck right?



Eri Peng said...


i didnt even gamble.. so i dont know my luck is good or bad dis year teeheeeheee...

gong hei fatt choi


violetmay said...

Hahaha, thank you! ^^
Gong hei fatt choi too

Dr V said...

Nice-looking family...mean-looking fish! I would be afraid to put that fish in the pot to cook, thinking it might get even more angry at me and then bite me harder. haha

violetmay said...

Do you believe I had a nightmare that night after I ate the angry fish?

Dr V said...

Hahaha Well that dream must be the spirit of that mean-looking fish trying to get revenge. haha