Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Will be away for a few days

I'm flying off to Hainan Island in a few hours, will be back on next Monday.

I totally forgot about the China visa until 2nd day of Chinese New Year. Holy cow! (it's ox year) I was panicked!

I called my friend who is working in Bank of China building, have her to check if the embassy of China is opened on 3rd day of Chinese New Year, she checked and told me the embassy only starting to work on 3rd of February which is exactly yesterday. The procedure in applying China visa is very simple, just need a photo of yourself, your passport, and fill in the form provided by them, after 4 working days Tada~ you will get your China visa done. BUT
my flight is on 5th of February, and they opened on 3rd feb...

I checked online and got to know I can pay extra RM140 to get it done by the day I apply, but still I was so unsure. I waited for a week, until yesterday

I woke up at 730am, took train to the embassy...I thought it would be the same as previously (not too much of people), this was not the first time I apply China visa.

Holy cow!!!
The embassy was full of people, packed with lots of smelly sweaty people, tonnes of people lining up and the counters weren't even open yet!

They started to work
People working in the embassy are very efficient, they opened all of the counters so we don't have to wait too long. I remembered the last time I went there they only opened several counters. Thumbs up! :D

My turn! :D
Suddenly there were a man and a woman, came from nowhere, trying to cut the queue. It was supposed to be my turn, so I ignored them and passed my everything to the lady in the counter, without looking at them, I tried so bad to hold my temper

"Malaysians are ALL like this!!!" the woman shouted, obviously they are not Malaysians. I don't want to say which country they are from, in case you thought it's a kind of race/country/or whatsoever phuck discriminations

It wasn't my fault right? They were the one who started this conflict

I was so mad at them, but I think scolding people in public is a very stupid idea, I hold my breath,

"Yeah, Malaysians need to line up,
do you mean Non Malaysians don't have to line up?" I asked the lady, gently

She shut up immediately

I really hate people cutting queue, but phew...I really don't know what I should say if she shouted again. As I just said, scolding, arguing in public is a very very very bad idea.

I submitted everything, the lady in counter told me to go back and collect my passports (Kevin's and mine) at 430pm. Boohoo~
I was very happy I got it the day itself! :D
*me trying to ignore the RM140 x 2 additional fees*

Alright, I need to pack my stuff, see you people soon :D



CathJ said...

I hate pple cutting off que tooo... we waiting for soo long and they easily cut us off.. I like how u answer them... Nice! slow but sharp like 'blade'.. aplouse for you!!

Dr V said...

Hahaha So you're noticing all the sweat on the people at the Embassy, huh? Well, I guess that means you think those guys were HOT!!!! hahaha I'm going to report all this to Kevin too. haha

I'm glad that you left it to the people behind you to decide if those line-cutters should be allowed to move to the front of the line. Not sure why they think they deserved to get service right away, but I'm happy you didn't back-down. Afterall, who knows what would happen if you were have had a few more minutes of time with all those guys you called HOT SEXY men! hahaha

Glad your VISA worked out for you, and I look forward to hearing about your time in China.

violetmay said...

Yeah yeah yeah, I really HATE people like this, HMMMM! Ruin my mood :<

Dr V
The men in the embassy were all very HOT, really hot and smelt good, AHEM, I meant bad...shhh, do tell Kevin, let him know this will happen if he leaves me alone in public :P

Dr V said...

HA! If I do tell Kevin that this is what happens when he leaves you alone in public, I'll also have to mention the truth...that you were the one flirting with all the hot sweaty men. hahaha