Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Yorkie Sugar! ^^

Vet gave Sugar her 3rd jap yesterday, means she can flirt around (oops) 2 weeks later :P
You know I was kidding, she wouldn't flirt around, she is a good girl! ^^

Yesterday she was 101 days old, weights only one and a quarter pounds, 0.6kg. Vet said she is really small. I actually realized it when Kevin and I went to Safari Pets Shop in Ikano on Sunday, I saw a few small yorkies there, their sizes are bigger than my Sugar, and what's more, they were only 60 days old.

I was puzzled...but I didn't think much. Until yesterday vet (kind of) 'reminded' me. I browsed online and checked if my Sugar is in the 'right' weight, realized a lot of people are hoping their yokies wouldn't grow that much, I mean, 3 lbs to 5 lbs as ideal weight for an adult Yorkshire Terrier, well in so called, teacup yorkie. I think it's really crazy!

I read from several books about Yorkshire Terrier, their weight should be 6.5lbs (3kg) as an adult. I didn't care about her weight, as long as she is not overweight and stay healthy. But now I think she is kind of underweight.

I feed her the right amount of foods (According to so many people from different pets shops...god knows how many pets shops I visited and ask the same questions since I have sugar), sometimes I gave her some treats if she be good. I used to think I overfeed her because there was a time I fed her too many (she was nervous after shower, so I fed her more than usual), ended up she didn't feel good and 'pood' all out.

Now, after all these informations/facts from various articles/forums. I think I should be happy if she maintains her weight under 5lbs. Well, whatever, as long as she is healthy :)

Photos of her, taken this morning
My Yorkie Sugar

She wouldn't sit still previously, but now she actually listens when I say 'hush' and 'sit down'

Sugar is not as tiny as shown in the photos, it's just the angle.

Can't see her body

Okay, different angle..now you see her body ;)

She smells something..

Ta da~
she was waiting for treats

Munch munch

Jumped straight after she got what she wants -_-"

I love you baby! ^^



CathJ said...

Soooooo cute and smallll.....Now I feels like having 1....adoiiii....

violetmay said...

Haha! Now you know the power of puppies :P