Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stupid Love Test

Saw an interesting Love Test machine in KLCC with Kevin the other day

The instruction's clear, each test only costs us 20cents

Now I hope I'm not in "Dead Fish" catogery

I felt a bit shy and uncomfortable to test this, because lots of people were passing by this machine.

"EE...I think this machine is a kind of silly "conman" machine" I wanted to try, but hesitated

"It's only 20 cents, you should try!" He encouraged me

"Hmm...but lots of people are walking/passing by us.." Woohoo~ I was a bit shy huh? :P

"It's not a big deal, let's try!" Kevin was so excited, wanting me to try

"...eerrr...mm.....alright! You try first!" The clever Violet decided Kevin should go first.

"Huh? Me...I..................I..........I don't have 20 cents, okay let's go to walk around" He tried to escape, kakaka

"I have!!! I have lots of coins in my purse, wait.."

"Aiya..........." -_-"

I inserted 20 cents in the machine and Kevin placed his hand on the panel reluctantly..

30, Sensual!

Kevin = Sensual..
It was amusing! I thought Kevin is in Dead Fish category... shhh...don't tell him :P

And then my turn! ^^
I inserted 20cents and...I was secretly hoping myself to score at least passionate...you know, how could a lady like me scores lower than a man?! It's totally unbearable and unacceptable!
Guess what I got?

Dead Fish...

Of course nope! I scored Sensual, like Kevin -_-"
I was disappointed with the score

"What the HECK?!
This silly/dumb/stupid machine is not working! How could this possible to just study our thumbs and index fingers and tell us our category?!" Argghhh!!! SO fed-up! And forgot I was the one who suggested all this

"Stupid MACHINE!!! I couldn't believe I just fed 40cents to it"
Guagua....this is why, never never never trust this kind of machines.
By the way, if IT put me in passionate/hot stuff catogery, then would be a different story, LOL! :P




CathJ said...

It's fun to spend 20cent for something like that... better than paying 20cent for a pee at public toilet.. T_T

violetmay said...

Haha, I'm not sure if you realized something about public toilets.
e.g. The Pavilion's toilet is clean and we don't have to pay, Sg. Wang's toilet is very smelly yet we have to pay 20cents/30cents to use the smelly toilet. I found out we have to pay for smelly toilets most of the time, strange huh?
That's why I always tell my friends, "you don't have to pay to use clean toilet, but you have to pay to use smelly ones" -_-"

laverew said...

I just did this test in your name and it said that your were "hot stuff".........I think it is a smart machine........


Dr V said...

Hooray for Kevin...representing the men all over the world very very well! I hope this is a lesson well learned V V. Just because we guys don't write romance novels, doesn't mean we don't have romance in our souls. haha And for only 40 cents, now you know this lesson very well, so money well-spent!!!!!! :p

CathJ said...

I agree with you... Now I realized!! lol..

BTW... just want to ask you.. where did you buy 'sugar' ?? you little puppy?? I think I am ready to adopt 1.. If you don't mind.. can you tell me where can I get 1 as cute as sugar?? thanks Violet..

violetmay said...

OOooh, I hope you tried the "right" machine. Hahaha! Alright I know you just wanted to make me feel better :P

Dr V
LOL!!! Is that true huh? But I doubt if Kevin has those "romantic cells" in his brain, he is too "rational" :P

Of course I don't mind, check your email, Cath! :D

debb13 said...

ahahaha! i got Dead Fish also when i played with that stupid machine. hahahaha! :)

high five!

violetmay said...

So funny, let's try it again when we meet :P
Maybe we will get WICKED this time :P