Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy shots at the beach!

Langkawi, 19th of July ^^
Participants: Ket mui Helen, Christine and I
Special thanks to: Nobody :P

Total photo: 27

3 of us!


The "eagle lady", hahaha :P

I'm a superwoman! :D

Actually they wanted to lift me up, but I refused, because I was scared...hey I might fall down ok?!

Anyway, Christine managed to persuade me...

LOL!!! This angle was too funny, we looked like some sort of dinosaur :P

My favorite, jumping project! :D

I love this picture the most, it's pity my fingers were slightly cropped :(

Some good and bad shots...I hope Ket wouldn't kill me for posting these up, gagaga :P


I MISS my best friendsss! :'(



proteusguy said...

Great fun shots Violet. You and your friends have lots of spirit together. Why do I get the feeling that Christine might be the craziest on of the lot? Am I right or is it you?!? :-) Maybe this is why you're such good friends? I can definitely appreciate that...

Dr V said...

VERY happy beach shots!!!! After such a workout with all the jumping, your legs must have felt like noodles when you left the beach. ^_*

Seriously, without the excitement provided by you and your friends, the beach would just be water and sand. I certainly hope you ladies can get together and share your good times every year. Even now, I find myself wishing you could have stayed a lot longer. ^_^

Thanks again for sharing my friend!

violetmay said...

We are best friends because we are the same type :P Always laugh and do stupid shameless things when we're together! :P

Dr V
In fact 3 of us were the craziest during the trip, little sleep, too much of walking and talking, but never felt sleepy! ;)