Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bringing Sugar home

Maybe I over-worried... maybe I read too much on the net
Whatever... Sugar is in good condition after the surgery! :)
The senior surgeon was right, he told me not to read too much, and he assured everything would be fine. Yesterday after work I went to the hospital to see Sugar
Traffic was bad, I reached there around 7pm, most of the vets left. Fortunately there was still a vet on duty, she was very friendly and nice! She brought me to the room where Sugar stayed. The moment I looked at Sugar, I was shocked...

My little furbaby!
She has this e-collar...and she looked sad, not energetic :'(

I called her name, she saw me and jumped up!
Gosh you wouldn't want to know how awful I looked the moment I saw her running and jumping in the crate, I bet the vet was frightened LOL!!
Couldn't blame me, the last time I brought my cat to get spayed was yearsss ago and the vet didn't give this e-collar to my cat (I miss her..). I later understand the e-collar is to prevent the licking and allow Sugar's wound to heal :)

I didn't stay there for long, because I wanted Sugar to stop running and jumping. It was freaking hard to take these photos
Some says spaying often reduces undesirable behaviors caused by the heat cycle, but there's no guarantee that their behaviour will change after they are spayed. I'm not sure the others, but Sugar is really Sugar, she didn't change at all! Still energetic when she sees me ;)

I didn't bring Sugar home last night, I prefer Sugar to stay there for 2 nights although the vet suggested 1 night :) This morning my mum and I went to hospital to bring Sugar home!
On the way, in her carrier

"Home yet? Mummy?"




Check the flat tummy, she lost weight. Will need to go back to the hospital to remove the stitches next week. Surgeon said there was no hernia signs found during the surgery, however we will have to observe for months. Praying for Sugar speed recovery! :)



Mike said...

Heal well, little Sugar!

violetmay said...

She's doing fine, stitches will be removed on this coming weekend! :D