Saturday, April 3, 2010

I dreamt of a Husky

Hmmm not really :P

I'm not really into big dogs, I'm a cat person...haha, hilarious
I love Sugar, but it doesn't mean I'm a dog person, I still love cats a lot ;) Anyway I've always wanted to find Sugar a companion, a toy breed...another Yorkie perhaps? I love yorkies, especially when it's all going back to "black". But I have a problem, Sugar doesn't seem to be friendly to other dogs...Oops perhaps she hasn't gotten the chance to "know" them better. Poor baby...
She loves to sleep on my laps, all curled up...sleep like a baby...I think I see an angel, sleeping soundly there on my laps, like a...kitten? :D

Before I got Sugar, I always dream of toy poodle and Siberian Husky... I doubt if I will ever pick up Husky as it sheds seasonally, and Ket told me her friend who has got Husky spent a lot on her electricity bill, air-cond room for 24/7, well said it was some years ago. Alright and then I saw Sugar, I didn't know it's a Yorkshire Terrier, but fell instantly/crazily for her. Suddenly, I have no interest in toy poodle and Husky...or any other breeds..Errm, okay, I think Pomeranian is cute, looked like Chihuahua and Yorkie, except for the fur. Seriously these 3 breeds do look alike. I'm not talking about the fur or personality, I'm talking about the facial features, same pointy nose and ears, small sweet face. ANYWAY Yorkie has the sweetest face! :D
P/S: Don't you think long coat Chihuahua look almost like a Pom? ;)

I went to this petshop near my office to buy Sugar's some stuff, guess what I saw?
This fluffy little thing!
"What are you?"

Fluffy fur like a Pom, but facial features like a...bear?!
He's tamed, and wouldn't struggle to get down ;)

He loves me...see the gigantic heart? LOL!
I drew that cos I looked like a shit

Totally adorable right?
He just reached the pet shop, I felt sorry for him...having to leave his mother at the age of 7 weeks, which is too young. I'm not encouraging anyone to purchase dogs from pet shop, although this pet shop assured they aren't from puppy mills, but who knows?

The funny thing was, even the staff who handed me this little one has no idea what breed is this dog, because this little one just reached the pet shop. After a phone call..

"It's a Husky"

"Huh?! He doesn't look like.. He's so fluffy" He didn't look like a Husky to me

He IS a Husky.

I didn't bring him home (no such place and big dogs require more exercises!!), I'm not prepared to add another member to the house, and most's madly cute, but, I'm not sold ;)

I dreamt of a Husky and it wasn't mine
and, I think,
I'm not prepared to have another addition right now ;)

All furkids are cute!