Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm going to Kelly Clarkson's concert!!!

So sweet of Kevin :')

It's going to be our "1st concert" ever, fcuk Rihanna ex! He screwed things up >:( Glad Kevin got the full refund, hmmmpf!
I'm not a big fan of Kelly Clarkson, but I adore her style, voice and...musics. Does this make me sound like a fan? LOL! Okay I admit I'm one of her zillion fans. Kevin knew I love her songs so...we're going to her concert next week, weeeeeeheeee!!! :D

Stingy people like me wanted to buy the cheapest ticket (RM98), but Kevin insisted we should get better seat, so we bought RM198 instead, actually he wanted to buy "better" one, but NO WAY! RM198 is already not-too-cheap
I felt a knife stabbed on my heart when I handed the money to the cashier, what's more? It's not my money, it was Kevin's treat. Hehee :') but still...I hesitated if I should insisted on the RM98 ticket -_-"
Was MAD happy :D

I'm looking forward to her concert
I should start listening to her albums every night before I sleep :D



CathJ said...

very lucky lorr... :)

Dr V said...

Hope you had a great time at the concert! It's always music to Kevin's ears when you say that you had a hard time letting his money go. No matter what Kelly Clarkson sings, Kevin already heard his concert. haha