Thursday, December 9, 2010

We luv green

Day 2 in Lukang

was walking to the oldest temple in town, which I couldn't think of the name now -_-"

Spot Lisa Agnes and Vern! :P

Anyway we passed by this little farm...
erm, okay it's just some random grasses, not veggies.. (or was it?)

Christine and I were totally thrilled!
Blame us...we live in city our entire lives :S

Veggiesssss :D

We jumped down the farm and took a snapshot.. :S :S :S
We love green!
P/S: I HATE veggies...I'll never order veggies in any restaurants. Wonder why my dearie Eling loves it? Maybe because of her Chinese zodiac, cow loves green huh? HAHA :P



CathJ said...

That cabbage looks so beautiful.. is that place cold??

violetmay said...

Not too cold la, almost like Cameron highlands :))

Dr V said...

Hey, eat your veggies! You have a choice. You can either eat your veggies, and have a strong body. Or you can avoid your veggies, and then those veggies will grow strong eating your body. haha

Seriously, when I was young I'd rather eat my dog's food than eat anything green. Thank God for amnesia, and brain damage from all my football years. Now I don't eat dog food anymore, and I do eat my greens more than I eat meat. Becoming senile is a wonderful thing! haha

Looks like you're having a great time V V. Thanks again for sharing.