Thursday, September 15, 2011


I wanted to bring Sugar along, but she usually barks non stop when she meets the crowd, so I have to leave her at home :(

Isn't she cute? :D

Mum, browsing photos that we took earlier :D
Now she's sooooo addicted to ipad2, stayed up late every nights!

Eling, Joan and I
On the way to Chinese Assembly Hall for ROM

After signing the papers
Family photo :)

Husband and wife, haha ;P

With Kev's brother, Leo


*kiss kiss*

Michell finally reached!
She was late, but I'm glad she made it :)))

Happy family, but Ah Weng has to work :(

Photos of us :)

Ket mui's family,
Look at her son, totally adorable! :D


With my parents

With Dennis and Leo

Christine and I :D

Best friends :)))

Yay! ^^

With Joe

With Kevin Wong and Aravin, Kevin's buddies

Had lunch in Purple Cane Restaurant

With Hue Ru, my favourite girl :)

Yum yum

More random snapshots

Family / Relatives photo

Take 2

Went to Thean Hou Temple after our registration
Lol I "forced" him to propose again :P

Hide 'n' seek :P

Currently I'm so busy preparing for my wedding actual day on January, grrrrr why can't I have more annual leave?!