Monday, March 31, 2008

Joanne's wedding

Last night was Joanne Loh's wedding, she is my ex-colleague in Standard Chartered ;)

Before that, Kevin and I had our lunch in Nasi Dagang Ulik Mayang...

The foods served were...
I didn't even bother to take photos of the foods :(

Some photos before we got in car,

Funny right?
That's why it's called a candid snapshot :P

Night time,
My ex-colleague Joanne's wedding
We didn't meet for more than 2 years
Hey, look at the camera la...

Me and her

My ex-colleagues, Siew Theng Eunyce
I didn't know they were invited!
Joanne wasn't too close with them,
Well, Joanne lived near to my house, we went home together almost everyday ;)
I was super happy to see them!

3 of us

He is Desmond Ling, well, he's my ex-colleague too, but he was in another team,
Thus, I'm not really close to him, a candid :P

Kevin and I

The menu, I like the writings so much!


Suckling pig


Bambo glutinous rice..


Champagne pouring or cake cutting, I'm not too sure,

I was busy chatting with Siew Theng and Eunyce :P
Didn't meet for 1 year plus, lots to catch up..we used to have lunch, and went to meet clients together when we were in Stand Chart ^^

Siew Theng!
She is super cute and nice :)

A super friendly lady ^^

3 of us again, hehee

The happy lady stood beside me is Wai Kuan

Baby and I

A photo before we left
P/s: We don't know the ladies on the right hand side, I only know they were in SC too ;)

I wish Joanne and her husband a happy life :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I can't sleepy,
I dislike tonight,
because tonight,
I realised...
I was prettier...
I was slimmer...
and...I was younger :(

Just 2 years, so much difference!

it's time to diet ;)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Cute note

Early morning, I saw a note that my mum left before she went out with my grandma and aunt:

"May you much eat OIC"
(my mum call me May)
Hmm...I didn't understand, but should be mum asking me to eat it

It's pork porridge

I asked my mum, what is "may you much eat?"

"Ooh, should be 'you must eat', wrong spelling...hahaha"

See, I told you my mum wants a fat daughter :P

"I see...then what is this OIC, does it means ??"

"HAHAHAHA, that's OK, not OIC"

My mum is a genius

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Slumber party!!!

These photos were taken some time ago, I just re-organized it...and decided to share these loveliest, happiest, funniest and craziest photos to you! ^^
I really miss my friends, especially Cynthia, she is so far away :(

Photos were taken in Renaissance Hotel ;)
I will let my photos will do the talking

Ta da~
Me, adjusting the camera

All of us,
Violet (LOL me), Hwei Chen (with glasses), Ket (in blue t-shirt), and Cynthia (Miss Pinkie)

Gosh, I just realized I'm fat :(
Never mind, I still love this photo ^^

Posing :P

girls fight
Hahaha, I'm sure I wore a panty :P
Look at Ket, LOL!!!!!

This is a bit yellowish ^^

Cynthia is just too cute in this one, hehee!

Ah...a kiss from ma hot babe

She said:
"Tang tang tang tang...this is the girl of my dream, Miss Violet" :P

Hwei Chen, Ket and I were very hungry,
and then...we saw a big bun! :P

Arghhhh...I wanna bite it!

"Helpppp~" The bun screamed for help, hoping Cynthia will save it
We don't care :P

This bun is mine!!!
Hwei Chen is really Ham-Sap :P

After this, we decided to do some experiments, to see if the lenses are fine
Testing 1...

Hmmm...not too bad

Testing 2...

Hmmm...not much different...

Okay, now we'll try something else, K?
What say...birdie birdie?

OOh wowWwwww

Silly and blurry :P
But we like the results, hehee!
See Hwei Chen, I know she loves my ideas

We were all drunk..
We drank a few bottles of...mineral water :P
And too much of chocolates


Hwei Chen!


And Charlie's angels
Oops...I mean Violet's angels :P

Superman, now you shall surrender, muahahahaa :P

It's time to sleep!
I hope they won't kill me for posting this,
Seriously, I think we still look pretty without make-up, gagagaga :P

Shhh...there's something I can't tell you...
No no no, I'm not going to tell you...
I'm not going to tell...I'm not!!!!
I'm not going to tell you that I have an affair with her

We slept together, ahem... :'P
and we bite...our fingers together...

Isn't it sweet?

See the way she looks at me...
I know she loves me very much :P

P/S: Darlings, please don't kill me for making this story!!!