Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kevin's mum birthday

Last Sun was Kevin's mum birthday, Kevin and I went to One U to buy a birthday cake for her. We went to Dragon-i 龙的传人, a Chinese restaurant in One U, because her mum wished to dine-in there. We asked if is it alright to put the cake in the restaurant, thought to give his mum a small surprise. From there we met the restaurant manager, Dave. A very friendly, sporty and nice youngman ;)

After we got the approval, we went to buy cake. At first Kevin wanted to buy cake from Secret Recipe or La manilla, but they only have 1kg. We walked around and tried to find another bakery.

Ah...yeah! I remember Bread Story has got a lot of 500grams cake,

Their cakes are delicate and beautiful

Background, uniforms are all in apple green, which is a very refreshing and sweet color. Somehow some people say orange is a good color in F & B (food and beverage) industry, but I don't think so. It's too warm, I wouldn't want to dine-in in an orange color restaurant :(
But if Malaysia has got winter, then would be different story, hahahaha :P

Coffee, Tea, or ME?


Kevin's parents met us in Old Wing One U, we lead them to Dragon-i, well in fact we tried this restaurant before, I thought the foods are so-so...

龙的传人!吃了难道会变成一条龙?LOL :P

Kevin's parents

The happiest man

The birthday girl :D

Birthday girl's hero

And the happiest man's girl friend

Some foods we ordered.
I didn't take all photos of the foods we ordered, need to take care of people's stomach, they were hungry (Erm, me too la) ;)
My Seafood Ramen
Not bad! ^^

Xiao Long Bao 小笼包

Kevin's beef noodles

Some dumplings

While we were eating, Dave suddenly came up and approached Kevin's mum...
"Today is your birthday right? Happy birthday!"

"Huh? How do you know? Thank you thank you" Kevin's mum smiled and she was surprised

I was surprised too...damned surprised, I hoped Kevin's mum wouldn't think much and wouldn't know we bought her a cake. In my heart, I prayed, please Dave, don't ask me any questions about the cake...Glad he didn't! He just walked away after the greetings :)

After we finished the foods, I hinted Kevin...he walked away and gave the green light to Dave. Kevin's mum felt strange, so I lied at her

"The restaurant manager is Kevin's friend, so he just went there and chat with him before we leave"

Few minutes later, Kevin's back. I told him I told his mum he knew Dave

"Yeah, I know him, I know him for 2 hours!"

After a short while, I saw Dave and some waitresses and waiters brought that cake up and slowly approached us.... 

You can see them in the photo :)

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you

She was very surprised and from the photo, you can see her face was whole red :')

Tiramisu :)

Together with Dave ;)

And us ;)

Cake cutting

Although it was only a small surprise, but it made all of us smile, happy...
Sometimes you don't need to spend big money to win people's smile :)
But, sometimes the surprise you plan to make people smile needs a lot of money, HAHAHA! :P

Before we left


I hope she stays healthy and happy forever, she is the nicest woman I met other than my mum :D Happy birthday, muacksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! :D

Random pics to end today's entry
Deepavali Decor in One U
It was Sunday, Monday was Deepavali ;)

That's beautiful :D

It reminded me the peacock shot that I took last year :)
Are you staring at me?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Sims babies

These few days, I think lesser about myself and problems that I face.
I realised I'm happier :)

I'm currently busy with The Sims 2, just love it love it and love it, I wonder why they don't have Magic Town like The Sims 1? :( I'm too addicted to Sims, I played it for hours everyday until I forgot how to spell my name...Hahaha :P

This is a very boring entry, all about my Sims, forget about it if you don't even know what The Sims is ;)

That day Eling bought The Sims 1 with Magic Town, I've never saw that expansion pack before, people who knows me well understand I love everything about magic and witches ;) So..I installed it.

After I installed it, immediately I created a family and moved it a unit, I used 3 hours to build and designed the house, after that I saved it..


What the heck?!

I tried again


What THE HELL???

I spent 3 bloody hours to do all that and now I lost everything in less than a minute. I was fucking mad, stared at the screen, save it save it save it, don't tell me I can't save this house!!!

In the end,
I failed to save my 3 hours, and my house
If cry helps, I will cry out loud
It was 1am, I couldn't do anything and decided to try again the next morning.

The next morning, in the office..
This time, I created a family and moved it in a lot, after that saved it straight without building anything. It didn't work either. I tried again....nah, I just couldn't save it. I gave up...

"You are too greedy, you have The Sims 2, should appreciate it.."
I talked to myself

Then, I switched it back to The Sims 2

Holy shit

"you need The Sims 2 to play the game" or something like that


I tried again, still the same thing I really wanted to kill someone to release my anger and disappointment. I have to uninstalled The Sims 1 and see if I could still play The Sims 2, I did it...but still, my Sims 2 was gone.

I was panicked, I have created a lot of families in The Sims 2 and I really spent a lot of time making my Sims smart and I always fulfil their needs and wants, now...all gone forever :'(

Kevin helped me to do the settings and uninstalled The Sims 2, by the time I wanted to re-installed it, I realised the passwords and the user manual is at home. Now my laptop didn't have The Sims 1 and The Sims 2, I felt empty...really sad and disappointed...I didn't want to think much and went to sleep straight away (slept in the office). To my surprised, I woke up at 345pm, hey I slept at 1pm! I thought I will sleep until 2pm only (that's my lunch time).

But anyway, I went home late that day to finish off my work.
At home, the first thing I did was, reinstalled the Sims 1, I thought I should install The Sims 1 before I installed The Sims 2. I was still very greedy, wanted them both. After I installed it...SIGH! It still didn't work

I uninstalled it again and reinstalled The Sims 2.
I was so worried, I worried my saved games will be gone forever, but I think too much! Thank you darling, my saved games are saved, you are my savior. LOL!

By the way, I just realised The Sims 3 is available in overseas

SHit! I want The Sims 3 now
Why I don't have 3 laptops for The Sims 1, 2 and 3?
Why I'm not rich?

See, thinking lesser makes you happy, gagagagagaga :P
Have a happy day, my friends :)

P/S: by the way I'm not that GREEDY okay?
P/P/S: Just realised The Sims 3 is available next year only


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fadhil's house warming, Love in Midori

Last Saturday, Kevin's ex uni classmate (Fadhil) has a house warming. He just recently bought a house in Seremban 2. His wife is working in KL, around 4 hours return drive from Seremban and KL, everyday


Well, it worths...but I won't live in Seremban if I work in KL, I'm only willing to spend 1 hour return drive from office to my house, the balance 3 hours? Good good good, I can sleep more, gagagaagaaa :P
It's a new housing area, very clean and peaceful (Erm, I think..)

Fadhil's friends and relatives :)

I didn't know why they are doing, until...

...Kevin told me, it's a kind of game named "Pin the donkey's tail" (or something like that), I've never played it, but I guess it's an interesting game, will play it with my niece Hue Ru :D

and, I wondered why there are so many children and toddlers...until...
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you...

It was Fadhil's daughter, Ilham (it means inspiration)'s birthday celebration! I was a little red, because we didn't bring present for her birthday and we weren't informed

The moody birthday girl and her cousin sister

Me and Kevin's ex classmate's son. Fadhil invited a lot of Kevin and his ex classmates :)
He is very cute right? :D

And this handsome boy... :)
"I don't want to take photos I don't want to take photos"
another moody baby;)

He is Fadhil :)
He studied in Texas, US for 8 years, came back to get his Bachelor degree in Malaysia, that was when he met Kevin in University :)

He is teaching Karate (60 students!) and teaching tennis on weekends. He always wanted to become a pilot, and he's planning to get back to school :)

Kevin and Fadhil's dad (he was a lecturer in Uni, just retired)

Kevin and friends :)

with Fadhil's wife, hahaha!
She looked so happy :D

We chatted and suddenly she said
"Hey by the way I'm not pregnant..."

"Huh? But we didn't say you are pregnant"

"Hahaha, yeah I know, but all of my friends and relatives thought I'm pregnant"


"You don't look like a pregnant lady" I don't think she is pregnant

"REALLY? Violet I love you!!"

By the way, she is not pregnant ;)

Finally, the moody birthday girl smiled :D


I love this photo :D
This little boy is Fadhil's son (Iman), 2 years old.
His said his son likes me, I like his son too ^^

After we left Fadhil's house, we went to Cineleisure
I've heard they changed their menu again :D


The desserts are back ^^

I have a very hard time choosing what I want

Ooh well, I chose mitsu soft ice cream as usual, and this time I wanted it with green tea ice cream



Nothing is better than sweets and desserts...(I try to ignore/forget Spicy foods and durian)