Saturday, November 29, 2008

Knitted scarf from Cyn

Thank you very much dearie!

I'm really loving the scarf you knitted for me ^^

So, I decided to cam-whore with it, hahahaa
Yeah I'm that shameless and thick face...sometimes I forget how to spell "shy" :P smells so good, just like you

This scarf is good, I can use it to cover my hair during rainy days, or when the sun is tooooo "active" :P

APOM (A piece of me) 1




The scarf is considered short, Cyn and I went to find Ching Jie and we chose another yarn to top up

This time I have got to do it by myself, because Cyn will be busy knitting another one for From Borneo with Love, erm, I mean her boy friend, hehehe! :D

The finished goods

Thank you sweetie, I'm really loving it! I promise I will use it when I go to Cameron Highlands or Genting :D


Friday, November 28, 2008

28, November 2008

Now I'm siting in front of my laptop at home, left office earlier today, as Huoy Shan's wedding dinner is tonight, 2 hours later. It's about to rain, I could hear the thunder, kind of worried about tonight.

My bestie Cyn is going back to Dubai today, midnight flight. She knitted a scarf for me, I remember I mentioned before. Guess what...after so many months, finally she finished it, Hehee! Hmmm wait...the photos are still in my memory card, and it's 5pm right now, I should dress up. Erm...okay, I shall continue today's entry later today.

Bai bai for now! ^^


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gathering with friends

Cynthia is back :)
We organized a gathering in a Seafood steamboat restaurant (buffet style) near our place :)

The attendees
1. VIP of the night

2. Evon Ng Wai Wai

3. Sharon Chua San San

4. Christine Ow Yong Chen Chen

5. Helen Thang Ket Ket

6. Ah Foo Foo (Ket's husband)


It's always good to have gatherings with old pals, and we appointed Evon Ng Wai Wai and Sharon Chua San San to be the organizers for our next year Langkawi's trip! Looking forward to it, hehee!

Okay bye


Wonder where is Violet Voon May May?


The rectangle-eyed Voon Voon

and the small-eyed May May

Which one do you prefer? :P

P/S: Ow Chen Chen forced me to take these...thank her if you think she made you laugh :P
P/P/S: The reason she forced me was (actually she didn't, she "asked" me only...and I was quite "willing" to. LOL!), she said I put her ugly photos online...

"But sometimes I put my ugly photos online too"

"Okay, let's take some and you upload it"

Right after Chen Chen took these 2 shots, I showed it to Ket Mui,

SO UGLY!!!!"



Last pic of the day ^^


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy moments with Hwei Chen :D

Photos were taken in Huoy Shan's room, on her wedding day. Hwei Chen and I were bored during the tea ceremony, we stayed in her room instead ;)

What would you do when you have 4 FREE hours?
Me, I choose to play with my camera, muahahahahaha :P

Hwei Chen and I
In this photo, she doesn't look like my friend Hwei Chen, more like another lady without glasses

She dislike this photo, said
"Hey my face is very round and big"
Actually my face is rounder than her, just because my face is "longer", she thought her face is rounder than mine -_-"
Stupid gal! :P
Muahahahaha, I hope she doesn't read this...unfortunately I think she's reading right now. Okay okay...she is the most "cleverrrrrr" piggy...piggy doesn't sound good? Okay, most cleverrrrrrr mouse? Hahahahahahahahahhahaha


We love to do this kind of kissing kissing shots

I looked very short here, hey I swear Hwei Chen is only 2cm taller than me, why I looked short in these photos? Merely because I put my camera on my bag, and use self-timer...the surface wasn't even so...ta da ta da...I'm half a head shorter than Hwei Chen. I tried to rotate some of the photos, however, doesn't help much :'(

This is the way we show our love to each other, we came-whore together, heheheee!
It's not easy to find people to cam-whore with you, at least to me

Sexy ladee


I think Alex is gonna love this shot
" Chen Chen is very sexy"

But it's too late, I got the first kiss from your princess :P

Alright, some of the photos aren't clear, but seriously I like every single shots we took that day :)

Hahaha, Hwei Chen is really cute

Roar..I'm gonna eat you alive!

I have no idea why I look horny most of the time :'(
I mean, when I take photos with my friends

Well, maybe because I'm horny
LOL! Okie I'm kidding
Not funny? :(

I like this photo very much!
From this photo, you can see my chocolate arms and Hwei Chen's snow white arms

See, I told you she loves me..

No, actually we love each other...muackssss

Hahaha, you can see Hwei Chen's tongue in this shot

The happy moments

I'm done with photos, 1am.. goodnight my buddies :)