Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jiufen 九份 - Part 2

After Gold ecological park, took bus to Jiufen, well it was only about 10 minutes drive haha :P

I really love this place, wish to go there again with Kevin :)

Teatime, it's complimentary...
why why why?!?!
Because each room we rented costs us more than RM400++ (per night)
But the guesthouse was really nice, it's double storey with seaview :D

Went back to Old Street for street (junks) foods

Christine :)


Grilled mushrooms!!!

and rained :(

Lisa, Agnes and I shopped till about er... 9/10 shops closed

Went back to our room
Each rooms have got different themes, this is Lisa and my room :)

It's a couple room in fact :P

Lisa's stuff

My stuff :P



Mike said...

Some lovely photography there, Ms Voon... I like the night shots, very moody and well composed.

Very nice!