Thursday, July 31, 2008

Karon View Point

My energy level is low, sleep a lot these few days. Guess I'm tired from the trip. Very strange, I actually lost my appetite during the trip, and I thought

"Maybe I shopped too much, and didn't feel the need to eat"

But now I'm back, I still don't have appetite to eat much. What happened to me? I used to eat a lot before the trip! I looked back those photos, realized we (Kevin and I) didn't eat much for the past weekend. 2 meals in a day, and I couldn't finish my foods all of the time. Kevin ate my leftover and, Opps, I mean, he ate his foods, and we share my foods. :P

Maybe I'm pregnant


That's impossible, I SWEAR, this will not be happened before I get myself married. SOmetimes, I can be very narrow-minded. But I can accept it if it's not me

Alright, should continue with some photos

Day 2, still...
too many photos

Karon View Point

Wonderful view!

The lovely couple


Look at his tummy, LOL!
This is what happened if you ate somebody's leftover, erm I mean share foods :P
Na...actually we have a secret travelers' pouch

Kevin and Toto, our driver cum tour guide
His name is so cute, in case you don't know what Toto represent in gaming industry (Malaysia), you can click here :P

Try your luck, see if you can strike the first prize!

Toto's son

Toto and his son looked alike, don't you think so? :))


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I believe in love, a song... touched my heart

I just have a very long chat with my pal.
She just broke up with her boy friend.

Recent months, I have a few friends broke up with their boy friends.
They be together for years, but things didn't work out fine, so they decided to leave each other. Some wanted to hold on; some wished to have freedom, to go for their own dreams.

I believe in love, but I don't believe love will lasts forever.

I didn't mean two persons couldn't hold on till the very last of their lives, I meant, you can love a man for years, will be changed to another form of love. Love between a man and a woman might be transformed to be family love after years. Just like, you love your parents, you love your love your husband/wife. Maybe your love to your better half is not purely because you "love" him, maybe you love him because he is a part of your family. Family love..

I once asked myself, will I love a man forever?
If I said I believe, maybe I will see, I don't know

But, I don't believe anybody would have the ability to love another person for life. Love is beautiful, it shouldn't be a burden to anybody. Please treasure your loved one before he/she leaves you. A broken heart is a broken heart, we couldn't undo things we did, we couldn't take back harsh words we've said. Never hurt anybody...

This song, I believe in love is dedicated to all of you, wish you a happy life :)
By Sally Yeh and James Ingram

James: I can't pretend I wasn't lonely,
Solitude was all I knew.

I was so afraid of pain,
So afraid to let love in my life again.

You don't have to be an angel,
I'll accept you as you're.

Lovin' you for love's own sake.....

Let me hold your heart, and it'll never break.

James: Sally:
I do understand. I do understand.

A woman & a man. A woman & a man.

James: Strength in tenderness....

There's a power in love.
Sally: James:
You've given me. It's the greatest gift.
The vision now to see. Oh....
I believe in love, just because of you*

We both know life isn't easy.
We've been around a block or two.
Together: I know where I need to be...
I know enough to know that. I'm in love.
I know enough to know it's you.

I can look at you, and see right through.
You're a part of me, you live inside me.
There's a magic in.
It's a basic need.
A woman and a man.
Even when you're not within my sight. I can feel you in my life.

I will love me forever
Hope to sing this song to you


Patong Beach

My Day 2
Woke up at 7am, showered and well-groomed. But thaaat Kevin, was still sleeping. So I took some self-portraits :P

See the man behind me?
Actually he woke up and showered already, just lazy to move out :P

I nagged nagged and nagged him,

"We are not here to sleeeep..."

"Wake up wake up wake up!!"



Patong Beach!

Kevin has double chin :P
Nope, actually he doesn't

Aarggg, I started to miss Phuket

Me, so short without heels

Some happy shots

Somehow I love this photo, even though I looked terribly silly

Chicken feet :P

My new sand nail enamel

Jumping project again! ^^
Hmmm, but this time violet didn't have good jumping shots, only Kevin did

After a few hours spent on the beach, we went for local Thai foods
What's this game called? I wonder...

Couldn't believe, I ordered Pad Thai again. I didn't know it's the same Pad Thai I ordered last night, just different place :S

Some complimentary fruits
We have Rambutan and watermelon in Malaysia too ^^

Ermmm...I have too many photos on Day 2, need to organize before posting it up :))


Monday, July 28, 2008

Phuket, Day 1

In the airport, we had Chicken Nasi Lemak and Mee Hun Siam as breakfast. Not very yummy, but acceptable

An hour later, flying off to Phuket! ^^

Exploring Phuket and Phi Phi
We wanted to buy Lonely Planet, but they only have Thailand's islands and beaches...I don't like all-in-one, so I chose this. The info is quite complete! I'm happy with it. I know the author has a book about Chiang Mai, going to get it when I go to Chiang Mai next time :)

Two left on the shelf, I flipped behind to check the price...
So expensive!!

Hmmm wait, the second one is RM89.90, I thought maybe the editions are different, I browsed it checked it...nothing different, the books are the same. I think they misplaced the price tag. Now you know..I chose the second one. Heheee! Sorry, Borders :P

1 hour and 15 minutes later, we were almost there :)

Yuhooo...Phuket is such a wonderful place!


In limousine:)

Our driver

Kevin's friend recommended us to stay in Thawewong Sap Inn, he has been there few times, according to him, they have sea view room and the room rate is affordable (low season).
Patong Phuket

Tuk tuk!
The rate is more expensive than air-cond taxi

Patong is 1 hour away from the airport, an hour later, we reached our place...From the website, I knew it's in front of the beach and I thought it's a resort, but the actual place is disappointed, why?
It's actually a guest house, (I took this photo on the 4th day morning before we moved to airport. Stalls were closed in the morning)

and now you see, my sea view room..
(-_-")... ......

Yeah, it's sea view, but it's not what I expected...

However, the room looked exactly like the website, thus, I decided to "accept" the offer.

Pose with money

Actually it's not enough, sigh...forced to swipe card and exchange money with lower rate in Phuket.

Some photos along the street

Tried some pancake, also known as crepe

I bought some Thai silk dresses from her.
Not a good bargain, I got better rate in other places..ooh well, shouldn't regret, better luck next trip!

Picture with Kathoey, a.k.a. ladyboys...
Hmmm, 100 baht for photos, I couldn't remember how much I tipped for the first night. We went for a "special show" in a pub, for each performance, the ladyboy came down and asked for tips. Each person 100 baht, actually 50 baht should be sufficient, but I only have 100 baht notes in my pocket. We spent too much on tipping


I took a photo with them too, too ahem to upload it, ya know...I looked like an ugly ducking next to them :P

After the show, we ate in local stalls

Pad Thai

So, that was my Day 1 in Phuket :)