Sunday, May 30, 2010

What to do at night during Typhoon signal no. 8?

We were told not to go anywhere at night, bought movie's midnight show. It should be a good experience watching horror movie at night, during typhoon signal no.8 ;)
It's a mini cinema, most of the seats were not occupied, merely 1/10 full. We were few minutes late, by the time we got there the show has already started, I didn't get to see faces of other audiences, it was too dark in there. No one sat next to us, the air-cond was strong...I felt someone's watching me :(
I checked around, wanted to see who's "watching" me but found no one... It was so creepy. I regret for choosing horror movie. I couldn't concentrate at all, just wanted to leave the hall. We decided to leave after a while.

Took some photos in the hotel lobby

News at night

Tsim Shai Shui

Check the crazy guys behind the handsome news-reporter

Kevin, working

Sigh, so bored!
It was our final night in HK, should have gone to some pubs instead! :(
Anyway, it was a good experience, because there's no typhoon is Malaysia, hehee ;)


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary!

Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary to my Dad and Mum! :D

They don't usually celebrate wedding anniversary, let's make it the 1st year this year :)
When mum told me today is the day they got married many years ago, I thought we could/should do something this year as they've never celebrated anniversary before. Mum got a bit confused and asked me how many years since 1977, I told her it's already 33 years! Mum looked at me with too many question marks in her eyes,

"Are you sure?! 33 years already???"

"YES MUM!!!"

She wanted to find the calculator OMG why my mum is so cute?!?! :D

We hurried to the nearest shopping mall, had lunch in BBQ chicken (LOVES), still as yummy :D
LOL! Not hurried to the mall to buy present for my dad :P

I suggested a movie after dinner, mum didn't want...because she wanted to watch Astro's singing competition at night. She thought just a cake will do, so we bought a cake instead of my "not-so-big-plan". Dad has no clue about this special day. huh? :P
At night, 10:10pm :)

33 yearsssss :D

More happy shots! ^^

Cake cutting ceremony! :)

I want to thank my parents for bringing me to this wonderful world, they are the loveliest parents! :)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 6 in HK

Was it the 7th day? I'm running out of title..

Day 6, going back to Hong Kong..

Young man, looking good in the morning. We couldn't wait to get back to HK. It's not like Shenzhen is bad, but you really have to be extra careful when you walk...and we couldn't hang out till late night due to ;)

In train station

Our train! ^^

Met quite a lot of people carrying stocks from Shenzhen to HK

In the train

Was hungry to death, dropped our stuff in hotel, headed to a nearest cafe

Peek-a-boo ^^

Happy Vivi and her happy meal

Some random captures

Few minutes after the photo above..
WTFreak?! We didn't have umbrella :'(
Went to the nearest (always the nearest lol) umbrella stall in Lady Street, asked the uncle..
"How much is this" pointed at a very ordinary umbrella where I can get in Petaling Street for RM5


"Okay I'll get one.." because the others are much more expensive

When I was about to make payment, another lady came by...

"How much is this?" pointed at the same type of "cheap" (supposed to be) umbrella..


I was like WHAT?!?! The lady took out her wallet...she was all ready to pay. I couldn't believe she bought this "cheap" thingy for HKD45

COme Buy, HAHA

Had desserts in Hui Lau Shan 许留山

Interior design of hls

Desserts we ordered

Slurppp yummy yummy

After that, had our late lunch in K Restaurant 佳记餐厅

Kevin, holding that "supposed-to-be-cheap" umbrella

Nice place

Yummy roasted goose 烧鹅脾

I miss roasted goooseeee yum yum

Chicken rice

Just got to know Typhoon warning signal no. 8 was hoisted while I was enjoying my yummy goose..

This's what we paid for a plate of roasted goose, chicken rice and a glass of milk tea

Walked around before going back to hotel, no one should stay out during typhoon no. 8 :(

I'm surprised everything looks so "OK/pretty normal" in pictures


shy shy


Going back to hotel

Lazy to walk back, took train instead

There's a mini cinema nearby hour hotel

Bought tickets for 怪谈, it's midnight show. Thought a horror movie should be a CooOOoool idea You know, typhoon no.8 + horror movie = romantic (?) LOL!

That's all for tonight, hope you like this entry :)