Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day out with friends

Met Agnes and Lisa, it has been a while since our last meet.

Kinda miss them :P

In T-Bowl Sg. Wang

and Lisa

I brought them the Calendar printed from shop. It's a photo taken in Qing Jing Taiwan
RM18 each, not including lamination -_-"
I'd better print my own next time doink...


Yay! :D

Shopped a bit, bought some yarns... later we went to Timesquare for tea :P
Lisa bought me a Hello Kitty tissue box for my new car :D

Sooooooo cute!
Hey didn't I tell you I have a Kitty car? Ooh yeah....I forgot, I will show you some pictures next time
P/S: Not really a kitty car :P

Knitting time :D
They're new at this, but it's OK because they have a good teacher --> Me HAHA :P

Dutch Lady Lisa :P


Dinner in Ampang Korean Village

Vern and Kevin joined in :)

The birthday boy Eugene (I think he's called Eugene), a friend of Lisa

That's all for today, ciao~


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Xuanzang Temple 玄装寺

I have to sleep at 10pm every night, I thought to share some photos with you before I sleep

Another temple in Sun Moon Lake :-O
Another temple facing the lake..

Did I tell you I don't mind staying there for a longer time? :)

Xuanzang Temple 玄装寺

3 fine ladies :P

I was on the phone with Kevin -_-"

The temple itself




Photo of Vern taking photo



Don't ask me what this thing is, I have no idea how to explain -_-"

10pm sharp