Sunday, June 26, 2011

1st ever Marathon

Joined Standard Chartered Marathon 2011

The first ever marathon in my life, 10 km... I thought I was going to die, but apparently I'm not dead yet :P
I got up at 445am, Kevin fetched me to meet my friends in Cheras, guess what...road block everywhere and eventually we abandoned our vehicles and got in train. We didn't know where is where, asked a few people along the way, finally reached the starting point after about 2km of "waste-of-energy-and-time-walk". By the time we reached, we've already walked 2 km.... -_-" We started at about 725am, 25minutes behind :S
I'm not really exhausted or whatsoever, I didn't run all the way, I ran and I walked when I felt tired. Things were fine until the 8th km, I walked on the road kerb to "overtake" some people and...... I couldn't recall what exactly happened, all I know is, I have terrible pain in my ankle, just all of a sudden, I guess I hurt my ankle when I jumped down the road kerb. I couldn't walk fast nor run...and I ONLY have 1+km to the finishing line!! FML
After completed 8+ km, if you were me, would you just give up? I don't have to tell you I was so upset :(
There was no way to give up, I knew I've gotta MOVE!! I just walked, and walked, very slowly. People around me are pacing so fast because the finishing line is just in front of our eyes, I could see the balloons and people were cheering for us
"You can do it you can do it!!"
"Never give up!!"
"GO GO GO!!"

I was so upset and have very weird feeling because I was supposed to run, not just run but RUN really fast like the others, but I couldn't, I walked like a snail... :'(((

Initially I timed myself to finish 10km in 100 mins, the first 8 km was OK, I thought I'll finished everything in 100 mins, but hell... I completed 10km (in fact is 10.6km) in about 120 mins (grrr maybe more than 120 mins I didn't bother to check cos I was so upset!). My friend Suki (who's a regular) said it's a good record for a beginner, so I'm thrilled and think I should be happy instead! ;)

Err...I have a confession to make, I err......errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr OK, I got to the wrong lane at the finishing line, I went to Half Marathon...not 10km lane. Wtf wtf wtf?!?! Now I'm so worried...maybe I wouldn't even get the cert :'(((

Well, as long as I finished it. All by myself! ;)

I have some photos to share~
Lucky 7, lol...

My "gear", one for phone another for erm...mp4 Kevin got me last year when I joined gym. Grrr...don't ask why I don't use my phone for music, I never liked that idea :S
Phone pouch -> RM70
Nike -> RM40
Maybe I should just bring a bag instead -_-"

Did I tell you I got my medal? Hehee! ^^

Should be 10.6km doink~
Give me back my 600m!!

Left to right:
Mei Mei, Suki, me, Yang and Yvonne :D


Hahaha whatever :P

With Yang ^^

After that went to eat Dim Sum




Hmmm, I think I'm going to join Standard Chartered Marathon again next year, woohoo~


Monday, June 20, 2011

Hua Lian - Taipei

We stayed in 花莲六号美宿馆 in Hua Lian, "No. 6 Homestay" grrr....cute name :P

It was a rainy day...the day we left Hua Lian
P/S: Deh? Photos were not taken the day we left haha

Our balcony
One night for RM600, room for 6

"Ta pao" breakfast

BB in the house ;)
Bye, Hua Lian

Took train to Taipei

Reached Taipei Train-station 台北车站 after hour or two?

Went to food court for lunch

Foods were OK and reasonably priced.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Knitting knitting...

This is what I do everyday ^^

Ah....I'm so addicted to it!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hua Lian - Night before we left

Night before we left to Taipei.

All photos taken by Vern, I was too lazy to bring camera along :P
Food hunting at night!
1st stop, "Oo Wa Jian"...

It's one of the famous street foods..

Looked great!

But seriously "Malaysian version" is much yummier...we tried this in few different stalls, but we found out the taste in Taiwan was not really -_-"
Maybe we're too used to M'sian cooking style ;)

This is good! ;)

Shaved ice!

The yummiest X 10000 shaved ice in my life!!

I miss it very very very much...

We just love it :D

Papaya milk

This is good too! :)

and we had "proper" meal in one of the many restaurants


That's all for Hua station, Taipei!