Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You guys have got to watch these!

Just had a good laugh watching Satisfaction (with men), my cousin brother posted it in FB. I laughed so hard and almost fell off my chair!

I hope you're not eating :P

By the way, I found this
Enjoy! :D

Monday, April 26, 2010

Kelly Clarkson Live in Malaysia 2010!!!

Big Title huh? :P

Kelly Clarkson is.....................................................AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's fantastic!!! I'm glad I made it to her concert, otherwise I would regret for life!
Tell you a secret... she didn't wear shoes!
BAHAHAHA, it's not a secret :P

Apparently my lappie's problem is not solved, yet. But I managed to choose some pics to share!! :D The only regret was....I should have brought my S5i instead!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...with 15 X zoom I would get MUCH BETTER/CLEARER ->means NICER photos :(((
The sales person told me no cameras are allowed... so I only brought my tiny IXUS, I thought it's not that catchy..or even if they saw it, they can keep it. Who knows... people didn't care, no one check our bags...BIG cameras everywhere. SIGH! Lesson of the day, err...don't trust salesmen (LOL WTfuck)

Reached National Stadium at Bukit Jalil about 7:45pm
Kelly Clarkson!!

We saw this dazzling party bus, nice shinny stars :P

Starts at 8pm! I thought we're running late, but heck NO!
Anyway we were not that worried because it's numbered seats :D

The stage!! Quite far...Hmmm, but we're actually at the middle of the stadium ;)

Kevin and I

It was freaking hot, like in the sauna -_-"
Okay...sauna is "worst" :P
I think Kevin was all drunk

Guess what we got?!
It was on the floor so we took it, hahaaa


with the help of someone

After Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor and Suki Low's performances.......................
Kelly appeared on stage!!!
Randoms pics ;)

Sorrrrrry my Ixus zoooooooooms sucks...B*ll

Crowds went nuts when Kelly sang Breakaway, Because of you...etc

A lot of crazy people

Really crazy scary people...jumping shouting singing along with Kelly!

...I'm one of them

More crazy fans of Kelly! :D

Credits to Kevin, he took these crazy photos...
crazy people take crazy photos :P
YES it's a compliment hehehehe


Baby DOn't steal the show!

Concert ended at 10:15pm (around there)

Right now I'm listening to Kelly's albums Kevin bought for me.
Would LOVE to thank my sweetheart Kevin for everything, MUaAcCccskkkkkkkkkkkk Love ya..
Love ya Kelly Clarkson..


Saturday, April 24, 2010


No luck! I uninstalled several programs, but nothing changed! I'm giving up...should have take Kevin's advice, get a 300++GB external hard disk instead! :(
I'm upset, I have so much to share... I didn't have much time last month, but it seems that I now have "too much of time". GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
Today I noticed Sugar front teeth (lower part) were all gone! It must be her bad habit, she loves biting steel bar (of her crate), it's her hobby, she got too addicted... chewed on it when I wasn't aware. She still have lots of teeth, but...she's only 1+ year old, she lost 4-5 teeth up to date. I couldn't imagine next year, I hope she quit this habit soon.
I think she's grown up a lot, I mean mentally. She seems to understand my feelings. When I "lecture" her, she tilted her head, didn't dare to look at she knows she did something wrong. It's not like she didn't understand a thing previously, but but but...she really got me now :) She's my lappie

But RIGHT NOW I'm really pissed of her teeth and my lappie, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What is wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrong with my lappie?!
Virtual memory is running low, I couldn't view my pictures at one time!! Have to view ONE by ONE, fcuking slow... I have no idea WHY, because the last time I downloaded stuff was yearssss (okay not years but dayssss/monthsssss) ago and I should have lots of spacesssssss. Something is WRONG, I'm thinking to reformat my laptop, SICK to stomach, URGHHH!!!
Gotta do something tomorrow! Hmmppffff! Sorry no nice pictures today :(


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chill out at Port Dickson!

It was 2 months ago, Kevin and I were soooo fed-up with crazy workloads, decided to walk away (for a day only). We thought of Cameron Highlands, Genting, Malacca, Penang Island, Ipoh, Kuantan etc.. ended up, we booked a room in Port Dickson! Because it's considered the nearest, and we wanted to chill up, beach/sea sounds great ;)
Photo I posted yesterday was Day 2, we took some photos, I will put up Day 2 photos tomorrow :)
For Day 1...we went totally crazy, relaxed...we reached there about 3pm(?) Slept for hours...woke up at night. Went to night bazzar instead of shopping malls :P
We booked a room in Avillion Admiral Cove Hotel, nice! :D
The actual room is nicer than photos

The washroom isn't this small ;)

I love our room!

Us two
Wore the duckling shirts I bought in Bangkok ^^


Hi Boss, can I take leave tomorrow? :P

Hmmm...I'll think about it

View from our room

Evening view :)

After dinner in night bazaar, we went back to our hotel and snapped pictures

Our hotel is so so so nice right? :D


There are beds at the lobby, hmmm I wonder why?

Hope you enjoy the pictures! More tomorrow :D