Thursday, December 30, 2010

逢甲夜市 - Feng Chia Night Market

逢甲夜市 - Feng Chia Night Market is located at 台中Taichung
I was told it's the largest night market of Taiwan
1st pic!
Irrelevant but I thought it's a nice photo so.. :P

Er is this Feng Chia night market already? :P

3rd pic!!
Feng Chia Night market!! :D

So many local street foods and cheap cheap cheap bargains

I miss the street foods already :'((

Agnes and Lisa :)

Famous grilled shrimps..
I'm not sure if I would order it again
To me it's quite...cruel, grilling living shrimps :S

I tried it
Anyway I didn't know about it until I finished the shrimps -_-"

Why my dear Christine looked so moody there? Ah maybe she saw the shrimps before she ate FHL

and I forgot what this is, some very famous stuff.. like fish balls "fu chuk"...things like that

Well...not my taste..

I wondered why the stall is so famous?

But I think my friends enjoyed it ;)))

Smelly Taufu 臭豆腐!

Quite good, me likey :P

Did some shopping there...all of my friends got to get themselves very decent little things like clothes, fashion accessories etc. But me? I walked for hours and couldn't find anything I like, which is so sad! I kept mumbling to myself
"I don't see anything I like...I'm such a loser....what the phuck?? why I couldn't find anything I like what the...bla bla bla" for the whole night until I saw this stall which sells bags! :D

Christine was very happy I finally found something I like, guess what...I bought 3 bags there. Actually I wanted to get 5 but she stopped me. Glad she was there to stop me! :P

The stall keeper :)
P/S: see the 武林秘笈笔记本 (Martial art notebook)

and we bought some shoes..

to be precise, Christine got 1 boots, and 2 pairs of covered shoes, I only got a pair of high heels.. (not in the photo)

She is the lady-boss, she owns the shop and she's got few branches. She's super friendly! ;)
She loves my flip-flop, took a photo and said she'll send it to her factory to make it and by next year March or April, she would give me a pair for free (if I go to her shop next year). LOL!

Christine and I bought some stuff for Fluffy and Sugar, this little girl is from Indonesia, she's studying in Taiwan....super friendly and she gave me special discount for my stuff. I miss her and her silky terrier :'((

And we had soft ice cream!

Mine mine mine


I don't remember if it's taken in Feng Chia, anyway it's a nice pic :)

We met this handsome husky in one of the fact we saw a lot of golden retriever, labrador and husky during the trip
Lol look at his daddy :P

That's all for Taichung, more piccies tomorrow :)


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day out with friends

Met Chee Mei, I love her new haircut! :D

Vivien! :D
and her....awwww what was that?!? :P
Haha, too much of mustard

We had subway sandwiches


Left to right
Vivien, Chee Mei and I

Did some shopping, and had tea in Oldtown
Pictures of us, again -_-"

Chee Mei, photo-bombed me :P


The proposal, lol


funniest photo of the year

I think Chee Mei won the actress of the year :P

Met Kev after that
He got me new mascara (the one with extra fiber)
and my new lips-gloss

We went to Neway karaoke


Kevin was moody that day..

Things are fine already..if you're still wondering :)
err until further notice lol!! :P