Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Ice Cream day! ^^

Superrr busy with work :'(
Deadline is coming soon...need to submit everything by end of this month, which also means...I'll have more time from next month onwards, more time to ahem ahem ahem, like ahem ahem ahem and can do ahem ahem ahem, okay la, more time to look at my photo albums and write more :D
I missed Swensen's Place terribly, I told my sweetheart how inexpensive Swensen's ice creams were (in BKK), I was seriously craving for ice cream. No Swensen's in Sunway Pyramid (where we were at), but there's Baskin Robbins and Haagen Dazs...
Needless to say, I chose Haagen Dazs, because...I chose Haagen Dazs...HAHAHA
Okay, first of all if I want to eat Baskin Robbins, I can always go there on every 31st of the month, 31% discounts (whoops is the offer still on? Have no idea)! Anyway, I was in the mood to have Haagen Dazs... personally I don't fancy expensive ice cream, Lecka/McD offers nice ice cream too, and much more cheaper! But, sometimes you need to pamper yourself with something errr...better? :P
Fav pic of the day :)

Mango ice cream with waffle

My chocoholic

Does it look like something else?
LOL!!! Think of "balls" and "banana"

Caffee Latte


The bill...

What the?! The ice cream was good, but it's a tad tooooooooooo pricey, alright, I knew the bill was not going to be as cheap, but with RM70 I could have watch 6 movies and keep the balance for potatoes chips... alright! Money couldn't buy experience (who says?), to make myself feel better, I decided to forget about the price and enjoy the ice cream, and what's more? Kevin's the boss, he's not complaining :P


Friday, March 26, 2010

Sing K with Chee Mei!

Sing K with Chee Mei the other day :D

Fried rice, yucky!!
YES I mean, YUCKY.
We ordered Thai Fried Rice, it was tasteless...don't trust this pic, no thumbs up hmppf!

Anyway for sure we have ways to enjoy ourselves, like, chose really "hard to sing songs" like Bad Romance, err...and etc etc, couldn't remember songs we chose. And we took bunch of photos!

Wanna know why we laughed our heads off?

We have no idea how it happened, the glass dropped on the floor (?) (I don't remember!), but we were on self-timer...I only remember Chee Mei shouted
"The glass!!"

The camera timer was already counting down *blinking*, I couldn't take my eyes off it and so I said
"It's okay!!! We're on self-timer take photos first!!" we burst into laughter soon after realized what stupid thing I said. We should have take up the glass and pose for photos later -_-"

and of course, we laughed about other silly things as
I slipped down at the middle of countdown (timer), it's candid ;P


You know, I only have 2 hands...and I need 2 hands to adjust the camera, I didn't realize how funny it looked "down there" until Chee Mei saw and laughed her head off -_-"
She asked why I did that so I told her I only have 2 hands, so she said...
"You can put it on the table.."
What's wrong with me -_-"
I didn't think of that!!!

We continued camwhoring after that, nothing could stop us :P

Awwww, that's sweet

I kissed a girl and I liked it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it :P

Kim Gary for lunch, remember the yucky fried rice?

Sipping my champagne tri-color ice, hmmmpf! :P

Guess what...I met my friend Vinny in Kim Gary, what a small world! Didn't meet her for a super long time, was it...3 years already? GOSH!!

After that, went to Wendy's for burger, it was few hours after Kim Gary, in case you wonder

I love meeting Chee Mei, so fun spending time with her, AH!!! We went to Putrajaya a week later, now I shall start checking back those silly shots we took in car :P


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eling and Andy's wedding day, Segamat - Part 1

Photos taken by me, part 2 would be photos taken by the photographer :)
Just a sneak preview, 35 pics (lol, maybe this isn't sneak preview)

My beautiful sister waiting for her Prince Charming :)

Talking on the phone, with her loved one

with Michell


and I

Family portrait

Eling's ji muis (close friends)

All Ji muis, including Joan and I :)

Gift from her best friend, Wai Lan

Feel like a superstar :)

Show Game time

Andy's aunts

and Andy's sisters :)

Little Hue Ru :)

Darling and I

Princess waiting for her Prince
...I feel my eyes are turning red, suddenly feel so lonely, I'm sleeping alone again
Couldn't believe my sister is married..
I love you, Eling, I believe Andy is the man who will love you for life. I'm happy for you :)

After all the "torturing games", the groom was all ready to bring her bride home :D

I didn't take too much pics, it was my sister's wedding. I'd rather spend more time with her instead :)
Hmmm...I just recently got photos from her wedding photographer in Segamat, will choose and post some, till then~