Sunday, May 31, 2009

National Zoo / Zoo Negara I

Photos were taken some time ago. Someday last year, most probably end of year my parents and I went to National Zoo. For your information, my parents are big fans of Animal Planet, National Geography and Discovery Channel ;)

I took a lot of nice photos and I must share it with all of you :)
This entry is divided to 2 parts, Part 1 and Part 2

Idiot of the day

Okay...if you don't like animals, it's not too late to leave now. Because this entry is flooded with pictures of living creatures, most of them are called animals and some human beings :P

Dad and mum

Random pictures

Ahem, this is quite huge

Haa! He just said hello :P

Reptile House

Yikes! No photos, I dislike reptiles...especially snakes
Somehow my dad likes snake, I mean like to watch. He went in alone, my mum and I just walked around in the park and took some pictures

The pink color sling bag has gone...bad quality! :(

We used self-timer

More photos

Cute baby Kangaroos! ^^

See his balls?
I wonder if he has blue balls :P

Bats! :D

I think they are having a serious discussion

"Hmmmpf! My balls are bigger than yours!"

"Nah, check these!!!"

"See it now? Told you not to fight with me" :P
(Ahem...okay now I must admit I kept staring at his balls)

Mum and Flamingos!
Wait, are these flamingos?

Love the colors

They are beautiful :)

Now we are going to visit Giraffe and all that

Like stones..

Ello ello? Are you still alive?

Giraffes are cute! ^^

Can I keep one as pet?

Well I guess no

...I remember I took photos of his balls, I wonder where the pictures are now? :P

This is part 1, part 2 will be on next week :)
My weekend was great, met Ket on Sat, we sing Karaoke and after that Kevin brought me for a nice show. And today we went to Putrajaya! Need to organize the photos and shall post it once it's done! :D