Sunday, August 31, 2008

You don't mess with the Violet - Guru Love

a.k.a. You don't mess with the Zohan

Hahaha! :P
The funniest movie in the world, ahemm...I mean, for 2008
P/S: The Guru Love is funnier than You don't mess with the Zohan, so...which one is funnier now? :P

You be the judge!

Or this?

Comedies always make me laugh 'till stomach ache


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Malaysia's National Day

31st of August is our National day,

Happy 51st Birthday to Malaysia! ^^
Selamat Hari Merdeka ke-51!


Friday, August 29, 2008

Desserts maniac

I don't like this angle, coz my round face looked rounder and chubbier
(-_-")... ...... boobies looked bigger too, LOL!!!

P/S: This is not recent photo, remember? I just permed my hair, hahaa!

Suddenly, I miss desserts very much, didn't go for proper-nice-delicious desserts for a long time :( Look what I've found on my previous album? Hehee!
These photos aren't new, taken 3 months ago in Kim Gary, The Curve.

I desserts

And of course, I love this man more than any desserts, ahhaha :P

P/S: This is why he always pay for my desserts :P

"Faster faster, I wanna eat"
Hungry ghost violet :P

Borsch soup

Seafood baked rice

And finally...
My desserts :D

So happy... :)


Maybe you think I adore sweets, but in fact, I don't like it when it's too sweet. I take Barley kosong (no sugar added, taste weird to most of the people), I like Lime juice without sugar, Chinese Herbs without sugar (bitter)...etc.

Actually...I don't like sweet things, ah I mean foods, beverages or desserts.

BUT why I love desserts very much?
It's simply because I feel happy when I eat it,
The look...the taste...always make my day :)

I would call myself a,
Dessert maniac, hehee!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Knitting for my best friend


I knitted something for Cynthia, as her Birthday present

it's my favourite color Purple!! :D

I've been doing this for quite some time, just recently finished it. To be precise, actually it's not finished yet...need to touch up the collar
Take a closer look

This pattern is not difficult, but knitting is very time consuming

As a friend, I'm really awesome! :P
Hahahaha, thick-skin-violet
But many of you will knit for others?

Ta da~

At first I didn't want to post these photos up, because I wanted her to be the first person to see her present, but...I met her online 2 days ago, with the help of our webcam...GAgaga ;))

Be nice to me, treat me good, treat me well, love me more...
I might knit for you >:D

I'm going to end today's entry with my self-portrait, HEHEE!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boring entry, don't read!

Last night, met up C, E and S for our next year's trip discussion. Air Asia has got millions of FREE TICKET!!!!!

Initially, we planned to go to Hong Kong. Because H and C wanted to go to HK badly, they have never been there before. Although I went there twice last year, but I really don't mind to go there again, because HK is a very nice place to visit, and the people are speaking Cantonese :P (Not for Kevin, he only understand 5%) Hahahahha

Well, at first everyone was fine with HK, we checked the schedule..unfortunately all of the free flight tickets to HK were taken out. Then we thought to fly to Shen Zhen, from Shen Zhen we take train to HK...then, suddenly E said she doesn't want to go to HK, as she promised her boy friend to go with him (I still wonder why she didn't say earlier)...then I asked:

"So where do you want to go?"


"Okay, so we will go to Bangkok"

"If Bangkok, then I don't want to go" (S this time)

All of a sudden...I thought all of them said don't mind to go to ANYWHERE, suddenly all of them have got so many ideas.

I didn't say anything although I wasn't happy with them, they SAID they are fine to go to ANY places, as long as we get the free tickets, but in fact, they have too many ideas themselves, this is the main reason why we've never traveled together.

After a very long discussion,

"Okay la...we go to Shen Zhen and take train to HK" E said


No objections? COOL!
So I began to key in our personal details, for 5 people, not 1 okay?
After all these...finally we have a SAME idea.

"I think S is not very happy now.." E said

"You are okay with our plan right? Aren't you? I asked S, she said she didn't want to go to Bangkok, and she was the 1st person who said want to go to HK. Thus, I didn't expect she will say NO. By the way, Shen Zhen is not far from HK, just about an hour train.

"No, actually I don't want to go to HK already"

WHAT the heck?!
We have been sitting in the cafe for 5 solid hours, what's your problem? My friends?
I don't easily get MAD, frankly speaking

But I was too fed up,
SORRY, I lost my temper!

"Fine, then don't go, don't go to anywhere, I will shut down my notebook and let's go home"

It's really iritating!!!
You are the one who said
"Okay, any places will do"
"As you wish"
"I don't mind"

If you are really that "Don't Mind", then just stick to majority, why talked so much? Why when we asked your opinions you said "I'm fine with everything?" but actually you are not. What's worst? After we confirmed everything and suddenly you said NO.

Not me only, C was not happy with this incident too, but she chose to be silent (she joined us an hour later, maybe this was why she has sober mind), but seriously I couldn't hold my temper. C was really disappointed, for this, I'm sure.

LONG STORY after that.
The final result is not fruitful, we chose a local tourist area.
P/S: I didn't say Malaysia is not good, it's a good place to visit, so do come here on your holiday

We went home at 12:30am, midnight. C and I had a phone conversation, she was upset and extremely disappointed (I have to use these words), and we just didn't understand their thoughts. Including H, I just called her this morning to inform her our travel destination, she was as disappointed as C. Hey, we thought we will be happy shopping-ing in HK next year, but now?

All this mess!


Monday, August 25, 2008

We are rich!!! 发财咯,发达啦!


I am happy to death, am I dreaming????
Kevin is going to be a millionaire, soon, by 10th of September!
He received a letter from e-lottery from Spain, see!


I'm not lying!!

All we need to do is fill up the form, grab the money and run away!
So simple!

Your head, your kepala otak udang (shrimp's head)

Apparently, someone thought we are greedy and stupiak (I mean stupid)
He didn't joined for the game, how on earth he got the chance to win that money? This kind of letter...I'm so sure the company sent to bunch of people, try their luck and see how many stupid greedy people got trapped!

What? Keep this award from public notice?
Sure! So those silly ones will tell no one, scared others might kidnap them, steal their prize or do something silly to make themselves in the name list.

Seriously, I think we should make a police report (But we didn't...)
I've found out, majority of the people who got cheated are those greedy type of person. If you are not greedy, do you think you will lose your bank account's money so easily? The steps are not as simple as that, they may ask you to give some money in order to get the disbursement or things like that, then they'll grab your money and fly away, not you grab their money and fly away, okay?

Stop that non-sense, I wish this letter was from a genuine company (GOD bless), as a conclusion, no...we are not rich, we don't get that money :'(((

Alright, I better eat my cheesecakes
I want to forget about the big prize and money

German black forest ( not sure)
Extremely deli-cioussss

German cheesecake
The strawberry is as big as a ping pong ball!
I just lied :P

Stay cheese, cheese cheese cheese...

Ooh money...big prize big prize big prize
It's quite hard to let it go (Hohoho, I'm actually busy with jelly right now, who cares about the fake company?)


Sunday, August 24, 2008

:D Hwei Chen!


Today, me

What's wrong with my swollen eyes? Today my eyes are much more better, my eyes have been swollen for days! :s
Don't know why don't know why don't know why

I have an appointment with Hwei Chen, she's going to kill me if I cancel our plan, she has got lots of sharp knives at home, hmmm...I better don't play play with her, hahaha :P

I looked so different...I know, I can't do much la, I cannot apply cream of medicines on my eyes, right? Huhuhu...I don't want to be a blind mice :(

I have no mood to put my contact lenses on, so...I wore my glasses
Ta da~
Few years older than my actual age (Ooh really? Erm, not really) :P

What's more, I couldn't apply mascara, no make up, nicely I don't have newly popped up pimples, phewww!

Spot the difference!


Hwei Chen
She is prettier!
We've known each other for 11 years...OMG, 11 yearssss!
She was too thin, skeleton size!
Can you imagine? Hehehee

Good, now she gained few kgs...heheheee! :P
Evil violet >:D

Anyway, she is still very slim...I ENVY her

We took these in the washroom, I like my newly dyed hair! ^^
But, at the same time I envy her long black hair :(




Take 1


I looked so...horny, LOL!!!!!!!!!! :P

We chatted for hours, lots to catch up even though we meet up quite frequently. We shared some secrets...we talked bad things about our boyfriends, hahahaha. I wouldn't want to tell Kevin :P

My current mood: SAD, I just watched Olympic Closing Ceremony... :(
No more games

2012, LONDON! I'm coming!!! (Guess I need to save money from now on, in order to fly to London. Poor people like me really have no choice!)


Friday, August 22, 2008

I got tagged

Tagged by Lina Yong...Hahahahaha :P

Dear sweetie, I don't have much people to tag, destinated to break one of the rules
The games:

    • state 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.
    • the 10 people i tag are then to follow my footsteps.
    • no tag backs.
1. I LOVE desserts (die without it!)
2. I dislike lipsticks (too sticky)
3. I love beautiful and delicate foods (who doesn't like?)
4. I dislike my button nose (OMG!!!! Why I don't have the money and guts to go for plastic surgery?!)
5. I talk a lot and laugh out loud in front of my friends (and I don't like when people say I talk so much (-_-")... ......)
6. I love mascara even though my skill sucks (must apply mascara on weekends outing)
7. I love/good at long hours sleep (and regret for wasting too much of time on bed)
8. I like to have a good walk around the city, just keep walking on the street, aimless! (insane!)
9. Don't wake me up from sleep, I will hate you for the whole morning (especially when I don't have enough sleep the night before it)
10. I love to dance, although I dance like a Donald duck (Quak quak quak...)
11. I can sing well, I'm the singer of my band (day dreaming, LOL)
12. I dig my nose sometimes before I go to bed (yikes! Did you dig your nose too?)
13. I love to bite babies' cheeks and kiss on their lips (sex maniac?!)
14. I love to eat and worry about my weight later on (I don't give it a damn, anyway!)
15. I love to imagine myself as one of the hot babes wanna be (LOL! I don't look like one)

My tag:
Deborah LOOOOOO :P
I hope you read this, ooh please, join me for the game ya!

(I can't think of other people, where are my other friends HUH?! WTF, why you you you and you don't have a blog?! I read strangers' blogs most of the time)

P/S: Huhuhuu...I feel like crying, now all of you know I dig my nose sometimes :'(((
No...I won't tell you that I fart (sometimes) too

I just did!

HAppy SiLly Friday


Thursday, August 21, 2008

He proposed to me

Our last night celebration :)

Wearing a Thai silk tube dress that bought in Phuket recently, I love it so much! ^^

We stopped for dinner in Winter Warmers Coffee and Tea House in The Curve, I've always wanted to try it :)

I love the ambience and English country decor

Violet said hi

Kevin said Hello


This is my Iced Melon Milk
Actually it's for children...I should have order tea instead

Kevin's order
Rose Coffee, it smelt good.. :)

My Chicken Potato Bake

Grilled Dory Fish

Random photos




I like my hairdo, hahaha :P
Me, so blurrr

After dinner, Kevin bought me a dress in Ulu Watu :)
We saw this Ulu Watu Boutique in Bali last year, I love their handmade Balinese lace ^^

Thank you sweetheart :))

me at home

Something happened last night...

He proposed,
and I said YES
At that moment, don't know why I felt really cheeks turned red and I felt hot :')))

Don't ask how he proposed, okay?
We are not romantic type of person :')

I went home, told my family members about the news and I told Cynthia about this too, she is in Dubai. Few minutes later, she called me! She was so surprised and happy for me, thank you dearest Cynthia, for the IDD call :)

Today, I made a funny conversation with Annie, because I remember her words, she doesn't like to be the last person to know any news from me

At first, she said congratulations...later on, she said
"U r married... Can't imagine ler.."

HAHAHAHA, she thought I registered marriage with Kevin last night, not yet, my dear friends, I'm still single, but I'm not available :)

And my sister Eling...she heard and she cried, she thinks the way he proposed was touching, hehee :)))

Nothing has changed, except for the title...Kevin is not my boy friend anymore, and I'm no longer his girl friend.

He is now my fiance, and I am his fiancée

He Proposed To Me,
By Kelly Clarkson

Verse 1
It was on Valentine's Day February 14th
My baby took me to a special place
Said he had a surprise for me
He told me to close my eyes
So that I could not see
And when I opened them up
He was one knee reachin' for my hand
{Thats When}

He proposed to me
He proposed with a diamond ring
I started crying
He placed it on my finger and I said yes
He proposed to me {My Baby}
He proposed with a diamond ring
I couldn't believe it I looked in his eyes and I said yes

Verse 2
I'll never forget that night
It was 8:43 pm to be precise
He looked in my eyes and said
Yoou've made me the happiest man alive
Soon as I get home I called my mother on the phone
Said you won't believe what just happened to me

He proposed to me
He proposed with a diamond ring
I couldn't believe it
I looked in his eyes and said Yes

We will be together
This I know
We will love forever{Baby}
My heart told me so
See if you promise to hold me tight and never let me go
We'll be husband and wife
For the rest of our lives