Monday, August 31, 2009


Happy MERDEKA Day! :D

Kevin and I spent our weekend/public holiday (3 days 2 nights) in A' Famosa Melaka, just got back not long ago, super tiring but the experience was quite good.
We were not there for vacation, it's actually a programme organized by Kevin's secondary schoolmate, Su San's church. Bla blaaaa, I mean Su San is Kevin's friends, and the church she normally goes every Sunday organized a camp to A' Famosa for 3 days 2 nights, it's a seminar about Christian Money Management. I didn't know it's actually a SeMiNar until I got the agenda, I thought we're going to have lots of fun playing games in A' Famosa Waterworld/Safari!
Slept very late (2am) and got up very early (7am) in the morning...why why why?!
I usually sleep at 12am and got up at 830am (every working days!!)

Feel like writting more but I'm sleepy...sick to know I have to work tomorrow.
Boss, can I take a day off? :P


Friday, August 28, 2009

Pulay Payar - Part 1

3rd day in Langkawi Island
Got up at 7am, had breakfast and got in bus around 8am, really sleepy...shouldn't have played cards last night -_-"
That's Ket and I in the mirror, I think Ket was sleeping..hehee :P

Ah no..she was awake
We were so so soooo excited, couldn't wait to go to Pulau Payar/Payar Island!! So so soooo excited that I can't swim and still want to snorkel, don't know how to spell D.I.E. :P
Okay la, at least Ket, Hwei Chen and Cynthia are good swimmers ;)

Going going going! :D

While waiting for the big boat..

It's fun seeing them acting this way

Departure hall!! It's always good to see "Departure Hall" and "Arrival Hall".
Holiday mood! ^^

Cyn is so cute in this photo :D

Evon and Sharon

Helen, a.k.a. Ket Mui

Christine and I
That's her hat >.<

Me, with Ket's shades, she brought 2 shades ;) first it's Christine's hat, now it's Ket's shades, wonder what comes next?

All of us!
Ket looked very nice in this photo, loving it! :D

It was raining at the other side of island

And hour later, we reached Pulau Payar :)

That's the platform we stayed for around 4 hours

Diving equipments

Cyn and Christine, helping Sharon..she doesn't swim too, like me :(
I really need to thank Ket and Hwei Chen, in "carrying" me around with 2 life jackets -_-"
Huh? Why I took 2 life jackets? Ermmm...because I was scared, I don't swim I don't swim I don't swim..huhuuuu :'((( This is one of the reasons (out of hundreds) why I didn't bring bikini, it's kind of ashame wearing bikini but don't swim, get it get it get it?

Lunch time!

It's buffet style, but the foods were...AHEM! It took them forever to replenish foods and the fish fillets I got were as hard as rock, not nice!

I'm gonna kill you with this "Hard Rock Fish Fillet"


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My ;)

If you are not a big fan of tattoo, or hate it, you may skip this entry ;)
If you asked if I regret, the answer is definitely no, I used 3 years to make this decision, and I'm not going to give a shit to people who're against tattoos. Just get out from here and leave me alone.

Why I took 3 years to make this decision, if you wondered...1st, I was so afraid of pain. 2nd, I didn't know what exactly I want, from the design to colors, I only want to choose a good design and make the correct decision. Don't forget, a good tattoo lasts forever; a nasty tattoo lasts a few years (regret few years later, get it?). 3rd, I really thought I should have at least a reason to get a tattoo.

Flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, fairies...etc all fancy designs, I was really into fairies, I've searched all over the web, and books, but I couldn't get one design which I really wanted it to stick with me forever, either it was all too aggressive, too cute, too sexy, too furious, too common and...just a picture, has no meaning or uniqueness. Everybody has it, or the tattoo artists only modify from it. I know this is not I want.

March, 2007.
Behind me is a Tattoo shop
(It was late at night, Simple shop was behind me)
Kevin brought me to a Tattoo shop, Simple Tattoo, click to see his website. Simple is the name of the tattoo artist, it's his name. I remembered his wife told me I have to tell them what I want. Nonetheless, inspiration might comes from existing tattoo pictures, but I was encouraged to get the idea myself. Not point and say Hey I want this, please modify a little! I said I would think about it...2 years and 5 months later, I'm now 25 years old.

There are 100 years in a century, meaning I've lived quarter century, and Kevin and I've been together for 4 years. I made my decision and thus, Kevin brought me to Simple on Sunday, 16th August 09. Kevin gave me this tattoo as our 4th year gift, it indicates our loves, and as a reminder that I'm old. LOL! I'm kidding about the "I'm old" part. Hey it's true that I really wanted to do something this year, 25 of years...if I could live till 100 years old, I've lived 1/4 of it.

I've met so many tattoo artists, none of them like Simple. He has unique portfolios, and he's teaching the art of tattoo and there're plenty articles talking about him and his tattoos designs. I found myself very comfortable handing myself to him, LOL! I mean I have confidence in him ;) He designed the tattoo, and on 21st of August, we returned to the shop. He prepared 3 designs, designs were all drafted from zero. I have to choose one... :)

Okay, now please prepare for's not that scary ;)
His shop

Sweetheart, who brought me to this place

I was a little worried at first, I worried I couldn't stand the pain and screamed like mad man. I made myself calm down, didn't think much.
By the way, that white color part is not my butts, it's napkins

Take a peep at the design..

Simple, working on it

After 15 minutes, I was all was freaking painful but I got it over, it's painful but not drop dead painful until you want to quit halfway.

2 hours later...done! :D

Simple, taking picture of the tattoo he designed

In case you didn't notice...there's a man and a woman holding hands in this tattoo, and it's violet color, exactly what I wanted! :)
I love the design the 1st time I saw it, same goes to Kevin. I'm very pleased with the design, and I really glad that I chose Simple to make my tattoo, not others :) Guess what's more? Simple and his wife are very considerate and detailed persons, they called me the next day to make sure I follow the steps in taking care of the tattoo. It needs time to heal ;)
Their website is, they just started this site not long ago although they have 7 years of experience.

Last but not least, I would love to thank Kevin, for his support...HEY! Actually he was the one who suggested it!!! ;)

The Other side of story
I didn't tell my mum about this tattoo, I got it done on last Friday, but mum and dad went for a short trip, and got home on Monday. She didn't realized it until Tuesday (which is yesterday), when I got down to take something with bended knees.

"Ah! What's this? Is this a real one?" Mum stood behind (Well actually I purposely turned my back to her, I wanted her to see it herself), to my surprised, she didn't sound sick, but excited and happy instead! My mum is more open-minded that I knew! LOL

" thought it's a temporary tattoo?" I smile and asked her

"No wonder it looks so real!" This time, she smiled and touched the tattoo :)
Now I wonder why she was so sick of my belly piercing :P