Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Babies' Concert!

Went to babies concert yesterday :D

Babies => referring to toddlers
Babies concert => concert for babies/ babies performing on stage

It was Hue Ru and Kong Chai's concert!
I'm not going into details which school my baby niece and nephew are attending, just some photos I snapped that night :)

See all the babies on the stage (alright it's not just Hue Ru and Kong Chai :P)
We didn't walk up to take more photos, well in case one of the babies cries.... you imagine :P We're not too worried as the committee has already hired photographer and video-man :)

Show ended at 9 plus, some photos before we left the hall

Happy family

Baby Hue Ru :D

Good thing! She can wear this to attend Cirphy's wedding in 2 weeks time!

Gangsta Kong Chai
LOL! I love his hairdo
He kept saying "Jie Jie (Hue Ru) eyes are blue color!!"

Dad and Kong

Mum and Hue Ru

and me
Look at him! Priceless... ;))
Reminded me of Dragon Ball Z

with my favourite girl ;)
I looked tired, it was a rainy day.. we have to rush there after work, thus the tired look ;)

With the principal of the school

Bravo to all of the teachers who managed to make 3 years old babies dance on stage without screaming for mum and dad. I was genuinely surprised seeing Kong Chai dancing, shaking his booty on the stage, for Hue Ru...not really surprised because I already knew her dancing steps and I even recorded it :P

I'm going to their concert again next year! :D


Monday, August 30, 2010


After the gathering, in Christine's place getting ready to a birthday party.

Meet Fluffy, still as fluffy as ever

I don't remember that last time I took a photo like this with Sugar, sorry Sugar! :(

Why make-up is so important?

Another self reminder :S

Ah well, if you want to tell me you see no differences, go to h*ll!

Things to remember (to do)
#1 Photos with Sugar
#2 Cosmetic is expensive, go natural :P


Sunday, August 29, 2010

A get together after so many years..

Didn't meet most of them after we graduated from school, let's do some math


9 years...

I didn't aware it was already 9 freaking years, I thought it was "merely" 6-7 years until Friday. Spooky, really spooky... we didn't change that much! Still as young (HAHA), but well groomed. i.e. our eyebrows are definitely much better than those days :P
I still remember my fat caterpillar eyebrows, yikes!

I thank whoever organized this gathering, it was Mei Sin and Cat, I think :)
It was really happy, lovely to meet all of them. Although there were some faces which had not been planted deep in my thought before, I still appreciated this gathering as it is, very very much. To be true, I never liked gathering like this, bunch of people that we don't see in years (some are friends, and some never a friend, or once a friend, but not anymore...more like a semi stranger), gathered and just stick to the one you meet often. I mean, what's the point of having a gathering? We should talk to the one you didn't meet for long, not the one you met only 3 days ago. It's worse if you're going alone, you will feel so...left out. In short, I don't usually join these kind of gatherings...

I always felt nervous (okay a bit uneasy) to meet people I missed for years, because people changed over years. I might loved/missed them forever, but things might changed after years, after we meet. I have problem watching back the movies I adored, I have problem meeting people I once loved (lol like I had lots of lovers, haha), I have problem seeking the truth (ok not really). Sigh... do you know The Sound Of Music? The Neverending Story? or maybe Jurassic Park? I loved all these...but some years later, I found it in shop and decided to re-watch it, I found it was all so wrong, still a nice movie, but it's not as amazing as it was. Sooner or later, I started to stop watching shows that I previously loved to death, like...I'll never want to watch Here On Earth, again.

I felt a little not too comfortable when I first arrived, we were so happy to see each other, we hugged, and smiled. But my mind was already thinking what to say next, or what's the suitable topic to share. Maybe I thought too much, things got easier after a while :) Deborah (the primary reason I was there) turned up, things got better..at least this was what I thought, I really wanted to meet her. Our last met was not 9 years ago, it was 8 years ago, met her once in Kinokuniya bookshop, didn't aware our next meet up would be 8 years later. Time flies, remember?

I know she's going to read this, but I'll just carry on.
I have a little thing about her, you know...we didn't talk that much at school, but I always wanted to know her better but never a chance..
OMG I sound so gay, haha!

What I meant is, I thought we could be not just a ..
"how's your revision class"
"is Puan Tan in today"
...friend ;)

Okay, too much of craps, some photos I took that night.
Grrrr I feel so angry just looking at these pics, my camera was low battery, I didn't bother to check the setting of the camera thus the grainy and blur photos! I hate lousy photos :(
I'll just post it anyway.
Gathering in Sri Ayutthaya, a Thai food restaurant.

I love the ambience in the restaurant,

Brenda and Deanna

Jennifer, Mei Sin, Cat and Isya

Group pic
See Chien, Catherine, Deb, Isya, Mei Sin, Priya, Jennifer, Deanna, Brenda, Christine and I

That's Catherine smiling at my camera :)

I'm glad I joined them that night, you wouldn't know what you missed out if you don't :)
Taking initiative to meet up is the 1st step of having real friendship..


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lahad Datu, Sabah

Day 3 in Sabah, we're going to Lahad Datu which is about 6-7 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu. Reached North Bus Terminal (a.k.a. Inanam) early in the morning, had breakfast in Kedai Kopitiam Melanian (金沙园) for pork noodles, it's famous (?), they only sell pork things.

It's just, too plain..

The loving couple, hehee!
They should've exchanged seats :P

Our tickets to Lahad Datu by Manis Express
We only paid RM45 for 1 pax ;)

We saw the coach we're about to get on, Kevin burst into laughter

Well in case you don't get it...
*Hint hint*
...still don't get it??
Okay...mani is semen in Malay

Beautiful scenery along the way to Lahad Datu..

What it feels like living there? :)
Maybe we should spend a week or two there

Opps, slowed down a bit because of the road construction

No luck on getting down to get fruits :(

I'm jealous!!
Why can't I shop too?

Reached before sunset, after checked in, went around to get foods

Beer = Alex's favourita ;)

Dinner time

Mad spicy = total madness... love

After dinner, spent another hour or so resting on bed, after that met Alex's friend and had supper in a mamak
We had fried banana/cempedak/ubi
Didn't I tell you Alex's been there few years ago? :)

A photo in front of the hotel we stayed, Grace Hotel...clean, and affordable ;)
You'll see our family suite room tomorrow, hee!

Last but not least..

You know..Christine and I did some shopping at the Philipino market :P
So anyone interested in getting one of these?
NOOOOO!! We're not selling them, off off off with your fingers!