Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My favourite song

There was a day, Michell bought a cassette "Mega Hitz 93", and that was the year I fell for this song.
I remember I used to listen to this song every single day of my life when I was in elementary school. We shifted house 7 years ago, since then I couldn't locate the cassette...I didn't remember the name of the singer, don't mention name of the song. I went to Tower Records, humming the same song to a lot of sales persons but none of them recognize this song.

I know this song pretty well, I remember the lyrics, I remember the rhythm...I just wanted to get the CD, I wanted to listen to this song again but why it was so hard? Googled it several times, I typed in "Where do we go from here", but the result was disappointing... watched a tv drama just now, thought of this song, typed in "where do we go from here" "this house is our house"... and tada~
I got it!!!
It's This House, the singer is Tracie Spencer :D
I was so excited, tried youtube...OMG!
Got it, I got it finally!!!

I'm not sure if you'll like this song, but I'm freaking happy I got the clip finally, who knows I might sing and upload video clips of myself in youtube? Hmmm... :P

The lyric of the song

Where do we go from here?
What must we do to make that change?
It's time to understand, understand one another

In a world so cold a place of disbelief
Where will the people go without enough to eat
Let's not give up hope
We have to find a way
Search within our soul to make a better day

This house is our house
Let's do it for the people
This house is their house
Let's give it back to the people
The people of the world today

I see hurt in their eyes
I hear the sounds of voices cry
It's time to open our eyes
Time to help one another

In a world so cold a place of disbelief
Where can the people go to find a place to sleep
Let's not give up hope we have to find a way
Search within our soul to make a better day


You-Me-We can make the difference
And you know no one, no one likes to be alone
We got to face it heart to heart
We have to make a brand new start
We got to change the tears to smiles
We have to go the exta mile

(you-me) It's time we face reality
(We can make the difference)
Give them hope and set them free
I think it's time we say goodbye
To all the homeless people's cry

We've got to take the time to search the mind to find

This house, our house
(It's all in the hands of love)
(I said it's all in the hands of love)



Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is today a special day?

Ten Ten Ten

Is today a special day to you? Maybe yes...maybe no
Today is not a special day to me, should have went out for a movie, at least I can keep the ticket, 10/10/10. Hmmm now I regret for staying home the whole day :(


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bakin' Boys

Have you tried Bakin' Boys? :D

They sell the yummiest cookies! I tried their muffins, lovely but not as "yummieh" as cookies ;)

Look at the "muffin top", gosh!
Hehee...have you watched Eat, Pray, Love already?
You might have muffin top if you love muffins too much :P

Kevin's choice, dark cookies with err oranges?

and My Love, Solitaire

Love, Love, Love
I'm going to make a film named after this cookies... or maybe I should call it Yum, Yum, Yum


Enjoying my muffin

I looked like sh*t there, with muffins and cookies all in my mouth

I need table cloth please :P
Should thank Lina, she told me about Bakin' Boys...miss her so much, shall meet her in a bit ;)


Monday, October 4, 2010

What if I dislike you?

There are so many people in the world, you can't make all of them to like you; you can't like all of them either

I'm sure there are certain people that you dislike, so do I

There's no big deal about it...but what if they are someone important in your life?
How are you going to deal with it?

I'm never a good actress, if I don't like you, I will show it. Most probably I'll have poker face or shit-smile face (like I have constipation)...

I find it's actually funny because if you don't like them, why can't you just walk away from their lives? Why still cling on them, keep in's all bullshit.

We hate these people, but we couldn't afford to lose them... keep blaming yourself everyday, wonder why you got into these kind of shits, how pathetic huh? When a relationship (not just LOVE okay?) involves 3rd party, things will change, I once had a best friend, still a best friend of mine, but we nearly fell out because of a newcomer. I'm glad we made it, things worked out fine and we're still best friend.

But luck isn't always by your side, the first time maybe we get through it, but what about the second time, third time or the fourth time? Eventually you will fall out, at least once..I'm sure

If one day we're leaving this planet to another one, I hope people that I love will come with me, together with the people that they love. If the planet has limited space, I hope I can choose the one I want to be together. People who loves me, cares for me, anyone deserves my care and love...

Right now, it's rather confusing, guess I should just step out from the mess, gather myself, and continue the journey on my, I will continue the journey with people I care

I dislike today


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I think, I should go to Bali again, I lost my direction in life, maybe Ketut can help?

Where are you, Vi?