Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Papa's Day

Trust me, it's all about football -_-"

Again, I realized I didn't update my blog for so long, is it another...week or so? I should measure the size of my butts, I think it grew wider and wider these few weeks, holy cow.. sitting in front of TV isn't a very good idea at all, but STILL, better than going to mamak ordering drinks and, guess should be lots "fatter" that way huh? Kakaaa :P

Just realized it's already end of June O_o"
Half a year
Six months
Another 6 months to 2011


Alright, let's talk about some happy stuff, let's go back to Father's Day! :D
My sister Eling was in Canada, Michell wasn't free, so, we just had casual lunch in Mongkok Cafe in SS2
Papa :D

Mama :D

Joannnnn, she's getting married reallll soon!

Weng :)))))))))

and me (who else?!)

We ordered crepe...

It's Forest (Joan's bf) and Joan's favourite

Lunch was OK, but I didn't enjoy my cheese baked rice, I'm always OK with Kim Gary's cheese baked rice, but Mongkok cheese baked rice...Celaka cilakaaaaaaaa, tasted real bad. Salty salty and salty, way toooooo salty

Although my cheese rice is celaka-laka. But I'm really glad we spent the day together, initially my parents' didn't intend to celebrate Father's Day at all, but we insisted we should go out for lunch :)

Happy Belated Father's Day to all daddys, papas and ayahs :D


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Football Fever

Did you watch? Did you watch???

I mean I mean I mean last night Portugal VS Korea DPR, 7-0...... -_-"

Unbelievable..but to be true, I feel so sorry for Korea DPR :'((

But anyway, my sister Joan is totally in love with Cristiano Ronaldo :P

While the whole world is talking about FIFA World Cup, do you know who's the biggest WC fan in my family?

My dad? Nope

My brother? No no

Me? Not really

My mum?

She watches every matches (except the one at 2:30am M'sian time), because if she "dares" to watch midnight "show", my dad is going to complain :P
Try to imagine mum sitting in front of TV everyday for more than like...6 hours? Not merely the matches, but Highlights as well. And A BIG NO, she didn't gamble, she watches football because she likes to see players score GOALS, she doesn't support any teams, as long as there's goal ;P

Well, the 2nd FIFA "fans" would be me, I watch with mum everyday ;)
Right now, at this moment my favourite song would be Wavin Flag by K'naan.
Let's sing! :D

Give me freedom, give me fire, give me reason, take me higher
See the champions, take the field now, you define us, make us feel proud
In the streets are, exaliftin , as we lose our inhabition,
Celebration its around us, every nation, all around us

Singin forever young, singin songs underneath that sun
Lets rejoice in the beautiful game.
And together at the end of the day.


When I get older I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom Just like a wavin’ flag
And then it goes back
And then it goes back
And then it goes back

When I get older I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom
Just like a wavin’ flag
And then it goes back
And then it goes back
And then it goes

Oooooooooooooh woooooooooohh hohoho

Give you freedom, give you fire, give you reason, take you higher
See the champions, take the field now, you define us, make us feel proud
In the streets are, exaliftin, every loser in ambition,
Celebration, its around us, every nations, all around us

Singin forever young, singin songs underneath that sun
Lets rejoice in the beautiful game.
And together at the end of the day.


When I get older, I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom
Just like a wavin’ flag
And then it goes back
And then it goes back
And then it goes back


Saturday, June 19, 2010


Waffle World in One U :D

We seldom go to One U (when I say seldom, it means once or twice in a year), I especially HATE the "traffic condition" at the parking lot, I don't have that 1 hour to search for a parking lot, and another 10 minutes waiting at the Autopay machine. To Christine, she doesn't like watching movies at the cinema or you know, window shopping. To be precise, we HATE window shopping... If you thought we save a lot of time or money every time we go out...nah... we don't window shop, we SHOP -_-"

Both of us bought 2 pairs of shoes that day, we shopped until the sales assistant "ask us" politely whether we want to come back tomorrow or like...make payment RIGHT NOW. Except her attitude was good, still smiling although all other shops were already closed. I swear I could hear her colleagues "cursing" behind -_-"

Opps out of topic!
Okay let's go back to Waffles :D
HAHAHA, I swapped her black iris to green sparkling one :P


OMG...what's this again? It's frigging good :D
Love the cheesy gravy... it goes well with rice and chicken steak

and my...boring smoked salmon pasta

It was good but not too special

and we ordered waffle with vanilla ice cream + walnuts :D

It was goooooooooood! :D
I thought of Paddington House of Pancakes

Cherrrioooooooo, so tiny and cute :D

After this capture

"You can have the cherry" I said

"No no, it's for you"

"Nooo it's okay, you can have it" I insisted

"Nooooooooooooo I'm fine, it's for you!!" she too insisted

"....but I don't like cherry..."

"............I...never like cherry too.."

LOL!!! I thought she likes cherry; She thought I like cherry... but actually both of us HATE cherries :P
Don't judge us! Although we're best friends, but I don't remember we discussed about cherry. Ahhhh, come to think of it, we never "discussed" because we never like it, so why wanna talk about things we don't like? Or do you think that we should gossip? :P
I only like Cheri Cheri Lady :D

Foods were too good and at the end of the day.. both of us turned into vampires -_-"

Right now she's in Bali with her boyfriend, I wanna go to her house!! (I miss miss miss Bali, planning to go to Bali/Bangkok next year)
It's time for another round of Karaoke :P


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Should I Should I?

Should I should I? Should I get a pair of coloured lenses?

..I need colored lenses (?)

It's no big deal, but down there...ahem I mean my heart, never want to try coloured lenses. Remember my friend Kirsten from Germany? She once told me she felt it's kinda odd seeing youngsters in Asia wearing coloured lenses, their natural iris is much better than "artificial" stuff. She admires black hair, once dyed it black but people around her think she's good in blonde. We often dissatisfied with what we've got, always wanted a change, but if you were given a chance, do you really need/want a change?


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So, my sister Eling is in Canada right now, she's going there with her lady boy boss... LOL!

Just video call her via MSN :)
She said night time is much shorter than day time, sunrise at 5am, sunset at...10pm?! Serious?! No wonder she woke up so early.. by the way, she said she couldn't sleep because too hungry, HAHAHA! Mum went to kitchen quickly and showed her the cup noodles which she bought recently, said "Wanna eat this?" HAHAHA my mum is superb :P

I believe her lady boss will take care of my little sister, I shall see her again soon :)

There are 2 (simply annoying) things bothering me right now, but I felt much better after seeing/chatting with Eling. I never realized how much I adore her until she got married, strange thing.. now Joan is getting married in 3 months time, soon I'll be sleeping alone.. don't feel like writing more, 'm off to bed


Monday, June 14, 2010

My new watch

Ahem, what do you think?

funny thing, I didn't realize I didn't update my blog over a week =_="

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Marmaduke weekend ;P

It's Marmaduke weekend!! :D

Kevin and I went for this show, Marmaduke . It's a comedy..I think all dog lovers should watch this show ;)
Let's start with some irrelevant photos
...of me

Always my left cheek, what about my right cheek? It shouldn't be wrong because it's the "right" side..right? LOL! (pun intended)
Not funny? Ooh well.. ;)

Had Ayam Penyet, again.

You know what, we had Ayam Penyet and Subway every other day, come to think of it, we've never get bored of subway sandwiches but Ayam Penyet.. -_-"
I don't think we'll have another penyet meals in the next few...days :P

A...Yummmm ayaaammm

Something's wrong with the chicken that day, it's not as good as before. Maybe they have new chef, and the chef wasn't sure how to marinate the chicken(?)!

Some photos while waiting for our show at 7:45pm

79, our lucky number :P
LOL LOL, why not 69?

Very cute photo of me (AHEM!)

Very very cute photo of him (AHEM AHEMMMMM)

Show at 7:45pm (or was it 845)?
We didn't expect anything from this show, after all we wanted to watch Shrek 3 but tickets were running low :(
Chose Marmaduke instead, it turned out to be one of the funniest movie of the year ;) BY THE WAY, have you watched Prince of Persian? I watched it and..loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it! The princess was sooooooooooooooo gorgeous, I wanna marry her :P
It's time to zzz, nightzzzz!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last day in HK!

Okay, I know my previous trip post was way to long winded, unlike the others...but come on, I often forgot what I wanna post and ended up talking about something else O_o"

I only have 29 photos for today, realized didn't snap too many photos on the last day ;)
Had breakfast (cup noodles) in hotel room...yes, that's my foot :P


We had a mission in HK..hmm, can't tell you :P
I can only tell you...we need to post "some" letters

Some monies we prepared for stamps

Leaving our room

It was Typhoon signal no.3 that morning (hard to believe, don't trust my photos). Post office opened after 11am. We were about to give up then...we saw this stamps vending machine in front of post office! :D

So nice! We don't have to wait in line for stamps.. we should have this kind of vending machine in M'sia too! :D

Still as windy

Mission accomplished!

After that, went to a Chinese Restaurant for lunch, with Kevin's uncle. He just came back from BKK the day before

Some foods his uncle ordered.
Seriously, I never like these kind of foods, too oily -_-"

Chee Qeong Fan, quite nice

and some Lo Bak Gou

A pic before we left

After lunch, went to this digital mall..and

this was where Kevin bought me my kitty phone!
*Sayang sayang muackssssssss!*

Honeymoon Dessert in Seibu

It looked more like a library

Businessman on the phone

Kevin's Coffee (I suppose?) with black sesame dressing


Last day of sales?
ζœ€εŽ_ζ—₯? Where's the δΈ€? No wonder it's always "The Last Day"
Well, it was really our last day in HK, so that's all, hope you enjoyed all the post made :)