Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 1 - Flying to Taiwan

Day 1

LOL! Did you realize I've already made some Day 2 entries earlier? :P
Just some here and there photos taken on 1st day, I found some of these are entertaining, hee ;)
Christine and I
Our luggages...hmm, Alex and Christine shared one. Guess what, my luggage was heavier, wonder why?

Meet Vern, Agnes and Lisa :)

Bestie Christine and her bf
P/S: I'm in this picture...ahem, that's my hand behind Christine's head :P

After 5 hours flight...in Taoyuan Airport! :D
This is our 1st picture taken in Taiwan

In bus, on the way to Taichung.
I looked like an idiot... :S

After we checked in "Kitty room", went to 逢甲夜市, it's the largest night market in Taiwan.
It was already midnight, shops/stalls were closing

Flour ball?
Or was it meat ball?
I don't like it, but I believe it's quite famous in Taiwan :S

It was midnight, we couldn't find anywhere better than...we eat by the roadside

Good stuff :D

This man in green decided Malaysians should try their local "specialty", which is pinang


Yikes! Look at Alex...
he vomited blood after he tried these "pinang"

OMG I'm gonna die!
Hahahahaha, actually it's something they served together with pinang, not blood :P

We love Taiwan beer :D
So I guess that's all for Day 1


Friday, November 26, 2010

Geta geta

Passed by this geta shop

Didn't have the intention to get it until Christine told me she wanted to get one pair
See? She's wearing a pair of geta :D


Christine always says I'm like a devil, always make her shop more than she intends to...
but this time, she influenced me :(
She got a pair and I got myself 2 pairs...gosh!
By the way we didn't get the traditional geta la... ;P


Alex, pretending he's fixing one. Haha

My #1

and #2
both custom made :D

:D :D :D
Nice, I know :P

with the ladyboss
Hmmm I was wearing the "highest" geta in her shop, picture doesn't show. It was like er 10 inches?
I think I fall for geta now, not good!
Ah...geta my love >:P


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yellow Meow Mi 黄猫咪

This is the first guest-room we stayed in Taichung, 逢甲夜宿馆 .

They have several rooms with different themes. My room theme is Yellow Kitty, I think it's a new room because everything in the room was so new and clean :)

People know me well knows I LOVE kitties :)

When I first arrived at the room, instantly I know I'm more than willing to stay here for 2 nights

Meow...bathroom, anyone?

Our bed!
Wanna imagine what Lisa and I do at night? :P

Fat cat waiting for us on bed

I'm going to paint something like this on my bedroom's wall!


It has got tail (of course, silly)

I'll definitely go back to this place if I go to Taichung next time :)


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Moo~ cream

First ever Moo ice cream in Taichung 台中 :D

Err...actually I think we were at lukang 鹿港 haha
Passed by this..

Everyone didn't give a damn, but I insisted to get one :P
I miss yum yumm

my friends decided to stick with my plan after I ordered my 1st one with caramel toppings, we took some silly photos :P
P/S: Christine, don't steal the limelight! Haha :P

Left: Agnes
Center: Lisa
They are my new buddies ;)

Some pics

They don't look that "sober" most of the time.
Hmm I think we have the same genes, photos couldn't tell lol :P

Take 1

XXX Rated

Now I'm not sure Agnes was staring at me or my.. :P

Another XXX rated pic
I'm wondering who came up with that idea?
Not me not me not me... :P

They have these little rubber stamps almost everywhere in Taiwan, who needs to write down names of places you've been to when you could make full use of these rubber stamps? Err but first you mustn't forget your notebook :P

Cute prints and a cute lady
Isn't it obvious that that's my bestie Christine behind the card? :P

Her choice :D

Mine :D

I miss it already :'(

that's Vern (Agnes's bf) photobomb me, hmmpf!
I miss Moo cream!