Sunday, May 22, 2011

Delicious with friends

Now that I didn't update for more than ever after promised (to myself) that I'll post more often -_-"

Work is fun, I enjoy going to work everyday, I love my colleagues, bunch of fun and crazy people...ooh ya, where're my photos? :P

Last month I went to Ket's place, we spent the whole afternoon at her place, I realized I didn't hang out with her for months, since she was pregnant early last year. She walked out the door, all of a sudden, I had this very guilty feeling, and was a little terrified in fact...we used to go out once every one month, or more than that. Now that I didn't even pay her visits for months during her pregnancy, and not during confinement, I was too tied up with my own emotional things and I missed out the precious moment with my best pal... I only met her 3 times for almost a year. She didn't blame me, and never will. We talked for the longest time, and things seemed to be the same, still the old Ket, and old me :)
I told myself, I will always be there if she needed me.
I shouldn't forget my old pals (never will!), well in fact the photos below are taken early this year, when Ket's belly was still round...she has got a baby boy now, totally adorable and huggable :) We came out with Kim Wai, Wai San and her husband Foo :D
Dinner in D.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.

Kim Wai

Wai San

Ket and Foo

I'm thinking, maybe we should arrange another trip (be it a day trip) together, I still can remember the funny things we did in Langkawi, hmmm miss it so much!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

清水斷崖 Chingshui Cliffs

Passed by 清水斷崖 Chingshui Cliffs when we were on the way to Shakadang Trail.

Lisa and I were soooo in love that time :P

Imagine, we ate, slept and sh*t together for few days, hahaa

LOve birds

Actually I know, I know I didn't write much about my life (excepts pics), I just feel not wanting to do it. Maybe, maybe after a while, after everything's settled I will do it again. At the moment, I'm enjoying everything, family, lover, job...everything. Everything's beautiful..


Monday, May 2, 2011

Cisingtan 花蓮縣七星潭風景特定區

Just realized I only made 7 entries last month :-O

I'm so...not hardworking

shall get back to Cisingtan 七星潭 in Hua Lian
Er, to be true, I didn't know we were heading to beach at all... I didn't plan the itinerary, and I'm cool with anywhere, I didn't bother to ask or check.
Anyway, the weather was cold, I don't think we should wear bikini to the beach :P

Another wonderful place in Hua Lian

Us ^^

Happi people

Loving it

I really hope to make more entries this month, it's May...
I hope I will have some spare time this month :)