Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hua Lian - Night before we left

Night before we left to Taipei.

All photos taken by Vern, I was too lazy to bring camera along :P
Food hunting at night!
1st stop, "Oo Wa Jian"...

It's one of the famous street foods..

Looked great!

But seriously "Malaysian version" is much yummier...we tried this in few different stalls, but we found out the taste in Taiwan was not really -_-"
Maybe we're too used to M'sian cooking style ;)

This is good! ;)

Shaved ice!

The yummiest X 10000 shaved ice in my life!!

I miss it very very very much...

We just love it :D

Papaya milk

This is good too! :)

and we had "proper" meal in one of the many restaurants


That's all for Hua station, Taipei!