Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1st ever blood donation


I'm a little addicted to 1st time recently I guess...

There's a blood donation campaign nearby my office, so this noon I went there with Suki. I think I have to thank her, because she was the one suggested the idea ;)

At first I was only a little's really tough to see your own blood flushing out like that... So, I asked the nurse if it's the same with blood test. She said.. "It's not really the same, the needle is bigger"

"Huh the needle is bigger?!"


"It must be very painful then?!?"

"Hmmm...... ....... .........not really, it's not TOO hurt..." why did she sound so...sooo...soooooo?!?! Why didn't she say "No it's not, just ant bite!"??

But I was already there, there's no way to walk away and I didn't intend to do so.

The next second, I was already lying there on the bed...I could feel my heartbeat. I told the other nurse it was my 1st time, please be gentle HAHAHA, hilarious!! And everyone laughed at me...I mean, all other nurses, and donors...fml fml :'((

I closed my eyes, and I decided to think back the reason to donate blood. I think back the little white kitten...lying on the road kerb. It was last Sunday, I was driving and Kevin was in my car. I stopped at the traffic light nearby my house, just like everyone else, I looked here and there while waiting for the light to turn green. There, I saw a little white thing on the road kerb, about 1-2 meter ahead of my car. At first I thought it's a piece of cloth or something like that. When the light turns red, I drove ahead my surprised, I realized it was a white kitten, lying on the road kerb with her eyes closed.

I don't think I can keep another pet at home, I drove passed it... didn't want to think about it. But, I just couldn't leave it behind, my mind was full of the white kitten, lying there... I was so worried, there are so many cars and the kitten is just a baby...

Kevin said if I couldn't let it go, we should just go back and check. I thought, I could just foster the kitten for some time and find her a loving home if Sugar couldn't accept another one. I immediately made a U turn. There...we stopped at the road side, there are so many running cars, I couldn't get down. Kevin didn't say much, he approached the kitten...

She's no longer breathing

I felt so hurt inside, I wanted to cry.
But I tell myself, at least we tried, at least we wanted to...wanted to bring her home. I still feel hurt after these few days...there, before I decided to donate blood, I thought of the kitten...I think the kitten gave me the courage :)

Well, let's get back to the blood donation. If you donated blood before, you know it's actually NOT PAINFUL at all, phuck the nurse, I nearly peed my pants. lol

It was my 1st time, and I'm sure it's not the only time :)
I hope all of you start donating blood today!