Thursday, March 17, 2011


View from our balcony

.. 42 photos

This was the place we had supper last night :D


Good morning :)

Went to the reception hall for breakfast

Photos photos on the wall..

Homemade breakfast :D

Us 3

We're loving this place :)

Heading to 青青草原 Green Green Grassland..
I miss this place very much, I'm sure I will go there again...
Don't tell me you don't like this place ;)



CathJ said...

breath taking... beautiful place..

Unknown said...

super nice scenery...
its relaxing trip;)
love those pictures;)

violetmay said...

Yeah...I love this place! :D

Thank you! I can see you're enjoying your Taiwan trip too, hee ;))

Mike said...

Never been there. Never heard of it. Now I want to go!!

Thank you for sharing (as always)!

violetmay said...

It's a great place! :D