Saturday, March 12, 2011

清境觀星園民宿 - Qing Jing 清境 - Christine's 26th B'day Celebration =^.^=

Day X!

I forgot which day already...

We reached Qing Jing 清境 after few hours drive
This was the guest house we stayed, room for 6 persons!
Please click the link, nice place! :D
More photos tomorrow...couldn't really take nice pictures at night ;)

Our balcony

It was rather cold at night, about 12 Celsius..
Midnight could be less than 8 Celsius, we didn't bring a lot of jackets and so, basically my friends were wearing at least 3 layers of shirts in Qing Jing. Except me -_-"
To be true, I didn't feel too cold

We wore some shirts, scarfs and all that,
Agnes...freaking cold :P

Wearing the scarf...
It "was" a souvenir to her sister, but it was cold so we kinda force her to use it :P

Erm, do I need to tell you she wore 2 pants, 4-5 layers of clothes, and 2 scarfs?
She even took my scarf at the later part of the night :P

Me, that's the scarf Cynthia knitted for me...some years ago ;)

Went down for steamboat dinner
Met this little girl..


Us, molesting this little husky

Come on baby!

Our dinner!
The first thing we said wasn't..

But..."Huh?! I don't think this is enough for us!!"

Knock ya head

Yum yum

Went out to 7-eleven to buy snacks, got back to our guest house...

Night view

Eating some snacks..apparently we were still freaking hungry

It wasn't just cold, but windy at night. We were in highlands


Erm, my friends were shivering, and I have no idea what have gotten into me, I didn't feel that cold...
I only wore a layer..Vern was freezing to death -_-"

Maybe I was sick -_-"

Opps...where's the cake? :P


Birthday girl

The couple :)

Making wish


HAHA, look at Alex :P

Awww... ;)



Happy Birthday, my bestest friend :)
P/S: I'm not that short OK?




laverew said...

It seems that you always have a lot of fun when your with your friends........peace be with you


violetmay said...

Yeah, lots of fun! ;)