Sunday, August 14, 2011

金瓜石 - 黃金瀑布 Jinguashi

After a night only I realized the guesthouse we stayed was called Lucky House

Breakfast included
Actually I realized a lot of the guesthouse's check-out time is 11am, hmmm...why not 12 or 1?

This was the place we had our breakfast

they have this set at the cafe

Light breakfast...some oatmeals, breads and...plain water? I'm not sure if there's coffee or tea

Hello ^^

Group pic

The boss and his men joined us ^^

Actually the place is considered...nice :)

I guess I'm not demanding at all..
The only thing I remember is...they didn't have bath towels, when we asked for towels, they gave us about 3 pieces of hand towels (each person) wtf?!?!
One for hair one for body and another one for?! Haha..

Going to 黃金瀑布 "The Golden waterfall"

Scenery along the way

The Golden Waterfall :D


Next up, 九份Jiufen!