Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jiufen 九份 - Taipei 台北

Woke up in the morning.........

Sigh...miss Jiufen very much

Our living room

Moody moooo

Breakfast time!

Healthy breakfast, unlike our Nasi Lemak :P


Shop a bit before we left to Taipei

Taipei we are coming!!

Our guestroom in Taipei

Christine's room

After checked-in, I got in cab, headed to airport to get my man, Kevin :)

Fun headwear in our room :P

Dinner in 台北车站

Hello :)

Took train to Shilin Night Market


We bought 2 umbrellas in this shop, each RM65!! -_-"
But didn't regret ;)

Heading back to guesthouse...

Night :)