Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm still as good...

The fact is, I didn't update my blog for too long, I have no excuses for that.

It struck me (all of a sudden) that I should keep my blog going as a part of my diary, I can read it back when I'm old... grrr sounds funny. 

I guess part of the reason "reminding me" about my blog is Flickr. Flickr is not longer offering "pro" account, and Kevin has been paying for my Pro account for long enough and I didn't make full use of it. But now it doesn't matter if it's pro or not as you can upload as many photos as you want, with Adverts.
I felt really bad that day and insisted I want to have my pro account back, thus now I'm still using Flickr without advertisements.

Ok enough rubbish, I hope to update my blog more often. Hmmm....I'm not longer single, I'm a mother now HAHAHA can u believe it? My baby boy is already 10 months plus... Alright, I should keep posting more often.

I'll post his photo soon...

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beeden said...

Congratulations on the new baby boy!
Glad to hear you and the new family are all well, look forward to your new posts on your blog and at Flickr.

Unknown said...

美女 我来了

Mike said...

So... when's the next update?

Congrats, if I didn't say it earlier. I certainly thought it!