Saturday, November 1, 2014

If only we can choose people to keep/delete

Very disappointed, why there are people who always think they are right? Everything also must listen to them and if you express your point of view all you will get is
"Nonononono, it's not like that"
"Nonononono, you don't understand"
"Nononooooo, this is not how it works"

So upset, if I can choose, I will never wanna keep this type of people in my life, I wouldn't even wanna keep in touch.

No contact = No argument
No argument = nobody will be in dilemma, happier life

It's not that I have to take the advises given, I'm just tooooo pissed I have to rant.
Hello! For Christ sake why didn't you look at yourself before shooting other people?? You have your pride but what about the others? You think you are so good that other people's thinking are all sh*t? Holy cow

I forgot when was the last time I'm so upset with someone, of course I'll get over it, but I'll never forget all the miserable moments you bring into my life, you, someone who's not important but also someone I can never get rid of.



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