Monday, October 4, 2010

What if I dislike you?

There are so many people in the world, you can't make all of them to like you; you can't like all of them either

I'm sure there are certain people that you dislike, so do I

There's no big deal about it...but what if they are someone important in your life?
How are you going to deal with it?

I'm never a good actress, if I don't like you, I will show it. Most probably I'll have poker face or shit-smile face (like I have constipation)...

I find it's actually funny because if you don't like them, why can't you just walk away from their lives? Why still cling on them, keep in's all bullshit.

We hate these people, but we couldn't afford to lose them... keep blaming yourself everyday, wonder why you got into these kind of shits, how pathetic huh? When a relationship (not just LOVE okay?) involves 3rd party, things will change, I once had a best friend, still a best friend of mine, but we nearly fell out because of a newcomer. I'm glad we made it, things worked out fine and we're still best friend.

But luck isn't always by your side, the first time maybe we get through it, but what about the second time, third time or the fourth time? Eventually you will fall out, at least once..I'm sure

If one day we're leaving this planet to another one, I hope people that I love will come with me, together with the people that they love. If the planet has limited space, I hope I can choose the one I want to be together. People who loves me, cares for me, anyone deserves my care and love...

Right now, it's rather confusing, guess I should just step out from the mess, gather myself, and continue the journey on my, I will continue the journey with people I care

I dislike today



CathJ said...

:D... oh I have some1 that I don't like too.. can't take her attitude.. somemore she always declare that I am like her sister.. I been give and take for sometimes.. until the day I burst.. and tell it off.. yet she still the same.. I freak out.. I think she got mental problem. urghh.. just don't know how to get away from her!! she make me dislike her soooooooo much..

violetmay said...

Good to know I'm not alone!! :D

Dr V said...

Since I was so inspired by your own admission about your constant problem with constipation, I feel maybe I can say a few words about my own medical history. I have NEVER been constipated! hahaha

Living together in harmony might suggest that we all get along comfortably. In reality, harmony is the proper orientation of people in space. Some people should be FAR AWAY from each other.

So don't be guilty or confused about your feelings for this person. There are many unpleasant duties we perform for the people we care about, but we're not going for the saint gold medal. Your friend should know about your feelings for her friend, and you need only endure what you must. Don't suffer in silence.

Seek harmony within yourself, and don't stress too much. We've all been there. Good luck.