Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bilyu Sacred Tree 碧绿神木

After we left Qing Jing, on the way to Hua Lian 花莲

Scenery along the way..

"Situated at the 128km mark on the Central Cross-Island Highway, Bilu Sacred Tree is a Lunta Fir (Cunnhamia lanceolata var. konishii,). This tree is 3,200 years old and about 50m high with a diameter of 3.5m. Situated between Ci’en and Bilu, Bilu Sacred Tree is the largest old tree along the Central Cross-Island Highway.

Among Taiwan's native trees, the Lunta fir is the tallest. They can exceed more than 70 meters and can be used for reforestation.

Because the topography near Bilu Sacred Tree is very complex, the temperature increases with altitude and it is often crowned with clouds and mist, various tree species are intermingled here. The highest layer of the forest is conifers such as Chinese spruce (Picea morrisonicola Hayata.), Taiwan hemlock [Tsuga chinensis (Franch.) Pritz. ex Diels var. formosana (Hayata) Li,] and Lunta fir. Below them are evergreen broadleaf species with some deciduous species mixed in

P/S: Er, Bilyu or Bilu?!?

This is the 3200-year-old tree :-O

Had lunch at the cafe before we left

Opps...tell me it's quite "warm" here

Foods in Taiwan are cheap affordable, but tell you what, we spent about RM90 in this little cafe for 3 plates of rice and some drinks, FOL! :<
It's all because of Momo, he didn't tell us there's no stalls / "normal" cafe along the way, we were so hungry.. :'(((

Hmmm....but it's actually quite yum as I can remember, so...worth the price :P

More tomorrow!