Friday, April 22, 2011

A day with Kevin

Just realized I didn't post photos of Kevin and I together for a long time,'s all because of new (hahaha not really new, 3 months probation's over!) work and ermm...I missed Taiwan, thus er, wanted to post more photos -_-"

Anyway, these photos are taken 3 months ago, January...
Anyway anyway, I don't think I changed at all, maybe my hair is slightly longer

I use the key-chain Eling got me from Canada last year, so now I have Kitty key-chain and green apple key-chain for my car keys ;P

Tried this One Chef restaurant in Timesquare, it was newly opened (I believe so)
The one and only reason I chose this restaurant is...
...they have swings!

They serve Taiwanese foods

My Mr Koo


Cute little thing...

Please don't ask why I looked like that, most probably I wasn't ready :P

Yam Seng

Almost forgot!
Kevin got me this
Now I can go everywhere :P