Thursday, March 29, 2012

29, March 2012

My blog is dead....

There's 0 updates since last year September, after my ROM entry.

Grrrrrrrr......couldn't believe it. I have to admit I forgot I have a blog to update. Taiwan trip post was certified dead, half way to buried in the graveyard already.

Suddenly...I feel so miserable...what happened to favorite online activity?

And what happened to my camera? I don't really take a lot of pictures nowadays...maybe I feel so old inside already? :'(

I must do something to keep this blog alive, first, I need to see a doctor, ask if he has a way to pull it up again.

Till then~



Mike said...

We miss you and your beautiful smile, Ms Voon. :)

I was wondering what happened, and I'm glad it appears to be nothing more serious than "life happens" and you've been busy with other things, and, perhaps, moved on in you life, moved away from the blog.

Keep taking pictures, even if you don't post them. You'll treasure them later.

beeden said...

Glad to hear you are OK, if slightly disgruntled/pissed off with life, welcome to the club, we are many, lol. And some days it is very hard to find the silver lining among the clouds, yet life around us still sparkles if we take the time to look.
Hope that all will be well with you soon and your own special sparkle will fill your blog and brighten our lives that much more. Take care and keep well