Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Moo~ cream

First ever Moo ice cream in Taichung 台中 :D

Err...actually I think we were at lukang 鹿港 haha
Passed by this..

Everyone didn't give a damn, but I insisted to get one :P
I miss yum yumm

my friends decided to stick with my plan after I ordered my 1st one with caramel toppings, we took some silly photos :P
P/S: Christine, don't steal the limelight! Haha :P

Left: Agnes
Center: Lisa
They are my new buddies ;)

Some pics

They don't look that "sober" most of the time.
Hmm I think we have the same genes, photos couldn't tell lol :P

Take 1

XXX Rated

Now I'm not sure Agnes was staring at me or my.. :P

Another XXX rated pic
I'm wondering who came up with that idea?
Not me not me not me... :P

They have these little rubber stamps almost everywhere in Taiwan, who needs to write down names of places you've been to when you could make full use of these rubber stamps? Err but first you mustn't forget your notebook :P

Cute prints and a cute lady
Isn't it obvious that that's my bestie Christine behind the card? :P

Her choice :D

Mine :D

I miss it already :'(

that's Vern (Agnes's bf) photobomb me, hmmpf!
I miss Moo cream!