Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yellow Meow Mi 黄猫咪

This is the first guest-room we stayed in Taichung, 逢甲夜宿馆 .

They have several rooms with different themes. My room theme is Yellow Kitty, I think it's a new room because everything in the room was so new and clean :)

People know me well knows I LOVE kitties :)

When I first arrived at the room, instantly I know I'm more than willing to stay here for 2 nights

Meow...bathroom, anyone?

Our bed!
Wanna imagine what Lisa and I do at night? :P

Fat cat waiting for us on bed

I'm going to paint something like this on my bedroom's wall!


It has got tail (of course, silly)

I'll definitely go back to this place if I go to Taichung next time :)



Dr V said...

I love cats, but I'm allergic to the saliva in the cat hair. Walking into that themed-room, I'd be scratching my own skin off my bones, and all the air in the world wouldn't be enough to fill my lungs. But I LOVE kitties! haha

Hope you get a chance to return one day. Looks like fun. As always, thanks for sharing.