Sunday, November 21, 2010

'am back from Taiwan

Very enjoyable trip :)

I think I'm a vampire, slept 4-5 hours a day (averagely) for the past ermm 12 days? I slept only at 4:40am and woke up at 6:30am for the first few days, I didn't feel cold when the whole world was wearing extra clothes, jackets...shivering...
I wore my newly bought, a pair of very comfy flip flop for the whole trip (I mean rural area not Taipei city). My friends thought I've gone nuts, aaah not to mention my short skirt :-O
My luggage was a "little" heavy...18.9kg the day I left KL, guess what, the genius side of me brought 3 pairs of shoes (hey I thought I couldn't survive with only a pair of flip flop ok?), including a pair of high heels HAHAHA, I only wore once in Hot-spring (LOL who the fcuk will wear heels to hot-spring now you tell me) in Taipei...and I bought 2 packs of biscuits (about 1-2 kg, it was TOO YUMMMMM I couldn't resist!) Day 2 in Taichung and dragged it all the way until final day.. and I started to shop on 2nd day of my 12-day trip. You see, my luggage was really heavy... I think it was more than 20kg already (Day 2 or Day 3 wtf) AHAHAHHAA
Guess what, I couldn't lift it up....need to rely on my male friends to help...poor guys :P

so erm, I brought some "souvenir" to you people, to thank you for reading my very lousy blog..
A "pair" of new sexy dotty legs
Photo looked "ok", the real thing is...5 times worse than photo
phuck those bloody suckers



CathJ said...

OMGosh!!! what happen to your legs?? mosquitoes ?? or chicken pox??? oppss.. hope not...

Dr V said...

Now you know why everyone else in Taipei wasn't wearing short skits everyday. hahaha Well thanks for the lovely photo, but you can just bring me some biscuits next time as my souvenir. haha At least you were aware that you should pay some community service for your heavy luggage, and feeding the local mosquito population with some of that valuable vampire blood is a good start to paying your debt. haha

Glad you're back at KL safe and sound. Even if you had to give a little blood to the cause. ^_^

violetmay said...

Nyamuk gigit :(((
I hate nyamuk now huhuhuuuuuuuuu :'(((

Dr V
I don't mind to give little blood, but not scars, I'm so sadddddddd :'(

ahfatt said...


violetmay said...

Very itchy and I have soooo many scars on both legs. Cilaka lo :((