Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 1 - Flying to Taiwan

Day 1

LOL! Did you realize I've already made some Day 2 entries earlier? :P
Just some here and there photos taken on 1st day, I found some of these are entertaining, hee ;)
Christine and I
Our luggages...hmm, Alex and Christine shared one. Guess what, my luggage was heavier, wonder why?

Meet Vern, Agnes and Lisa :)

Bestie Christine and her bf
P/S: I'm in this picture...ahem, that's my hand behind Christine's head :P

After 5 hours flight...in Taoyuan Airport! :D
This is our 1st picture taken in Taiwan

In bus, on the way to Taichung.
I looked like an idiot... :S

After we checked in "Kitty room", went to 逢甲夜市, it's the largest night market in Taiwan.
It was already midnight, shops/stalls were closing

Flour ball?
Or was it meat ball?
I don't like it, but I believe it's quite famous in Taiwan :S

It was midnight, we couldn't find anywhere better than...we eat by the roadside

Good stuff :D

This man in green decided Malaysians should try their local "specialty", which is pinang


Yikes! Look at Alex...
he vomited blood after he tried these "pinang"

OMG I'm gonna die!
Hahahahaha, actually it's something they served together with pinang, not blood :P

We love Taiwan beer :D
So I guess that's all for Day 1