Sunday, June 29, 2008

Food, food and foods

I guess steamboat (hot pot) is fine for my diet, it's not fried food, and not too oily.
Yesterday we decided to try The Steamboat Ketam Village in Ikano, actually they have another branch in Parkcity :)

I wouldn't say it's inexpensive, you know...the steamboat buffet style in various restaurants only charge about RM18++ per pax, and this one...

My favourite egg rolls fishballs

Tom yam soup

they charge about RM40++, only few fishballs, 2 small slices of chicken, 2 small shrimps and veggies. Hmmm...not a good price. Ah, but the Tom Yam soup was very nice! Really love it :D I'll go back because of the soup and environment ^^

The Tom Yam soup was too spicy, made me cough, well...I still love it ;)

Walking around the mall

My new one...
It's quite difficult to walk with this pair

Nope...I didn't take off my shoes in the mall, I took this before I went out :)

At night, dinner in Kluang Station, Parkcity :)

If you remember my previous blog, their Hainanese Chicken chop is only so-so. However, I thought Kluang Station in Parkcity might serve better chicken chop and Kevin promised he will eat with me (so I don't have to worry much about the calories). Can't help, too miss it.

Opps, it was really different, this one came with a bun, hahaha :P

Mee Siam

I just realised something, why my blog is always full of foods?